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Prior to J-Rock Evolution 2012 in Singapore, I met/picked up UNiTE in Changi Airport!

Wrote a report for it so please do check it out if you have the time:…

I'm back in Indonesia now for the weekend, somewhere between ready and not really for the J-Rock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta tomorrow :'DDD AND SUPER ENVIOUS for the people who managed to meet Alice Nine in the airport and mall too! >__<
So recently [just a few days ago, actually!], I attended a concert & fan meeting over here in Singapore.

Being me, I wrote a report on it: HERE

Warnings: walls of text, grammatical mistakes, other possible mistakes, fangirling.

Basic infos:

Opening Bands: OVA Hito & QUIS

Set List:

1/3 [Sanbun no ichi] no junjou na kanjou – originally sung by SIAM SHADE
Blue Forever from Saint Seiya
Days from FLOW

Blue Dream from Saint Seiya
Tried singing ponponpon
Nisoku Hokou

Kagefumi Etanger [if I'm wrong, please tell me so I can fix it! D:]
E? Aa, Sou

Venue: *SCAPE Warehouse hall, Singapore
Seating arrangements: free seating and standing. I happened to magically acquire the first front row seat, but on the rightest side of the seats. I sat on the 2nd seat from the right, and my friend Kae, the seat after that. During lives, some other girls gathered beside Kae as we stand and wave lightsticks too.
Date: February 5, 2012, Sunday.
Cosfest is one week away and I still have tons of props to work on. FFFFUUUUU---- GET THE GUN PLZ.

- Get wigs [OR Bakuman will be cancelled FML]
- CHANGE THE DAMN BEDSHEETS [lol this doesn't belong here but whatever]
- Style Ciel's wig
- (secret)'s coat FMLLLL
- (secret)'s other things [black glasses, key, necktie curl thing, grey vest, black cellphone]
- (secret)'s WIG FFFFUUUU--



Arghhhhh *scratches head* I guess this is why there aren't that many people cosplaying her. And I guess this is to be expected. FML. MY FIRST YEAR AND I'M ALREADY TRYING TO DO ARMOURS?! And I'm not even good at this shit. *scratches head even more* WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN TRYING FFFFF---- BOYFRIEND, LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME.
Srsly. Gais. Can I, like, turn into Van Gogh the 2nd now and cut my ear NAO NAO NAO?

It's been hurting me like a bitch since 2 days ago [THE LONGEST EVER 2 DAYS OF MY LIFE DHJFGDFG].

Yes, I did see the doctor. He even took a look into my ears with that magical... thing. And said that my ears look normal. I returned home from the hospital $70 poorer, and with a plastic bag containing medicines.

One contains paracetamol. Wretched thing doesn't help much with my ear pain, and makes me drowsy. I also should take 2 of them at the same time, 3 times a day.

Another one is an antibiotic. I should take 1 of them, twice a day.

The other one is... IDK. The plastic bag says it's for the pain and inflammation, but it can only be taken in the morning and after a meal. FML, I DO NOT eat breakfast. Except if I wake up feeling fungry. And said breakfast usually ends as a bread from 7-11, or crab claws from Old Chang Kee, or tsukune from Tori-Q [for you n00bs, it's also chicken balls. Pfsh, funny name for a food].

So. What actually happened? I had this ear pain since Monday morning, couldn't hear properly. On top of that I also got a headache, and difficulty breathing. Doctor treating ear pain as a middle-ear infection, but he wasn't too sure about the breathing difficulty. I'm pretty sure what it's about though. I'll need a psychologist for that instead of a doctor. Ooooor, tons of hugs. The worse of all things? I'm having all of them at once.

Story of my life.

God, what did I ever do to deserve all this, and right when my assessment's 3 weeks away.

That, and I can't concentrate much on works nowadays. Fuck my life.

I hope I can withstand all this for 3 more weeks.
I haven't been submitting anything here lately OTL I drew a lot yes, but most of them are stuffs I drew for school, and I don't really feel like looking at them.

Anyway, I've been cosplaying quite a lot [well not really but ajskdh] lately. AFA X 2010, STGCC 2010 Day 2, AND EOY 2010.

Kagamine Rin Saihate ver. at AFAX [with :iconsilver-coffee: and :iconrunawaykid:]
Megurine Luka Santa ver. at STGCC [costume was from Project Diva btw]
and finally Kagamine Rin magnet ver. at EOY

Had almost a full group for AFAX, though our Miku pulled out and we didn't manage to find a replacement ^^U well, it was loads of fun either way.

Did solo for STGCC, not as many never-ending-cameras-snapping as AFAX XD probably because I failed and it was originally unplanned anyway. :iconclovent: did a HOLY SHIT BBQ AWESUM job sewing my costume for me in 2 days ;w; ILU BBY. You know that &heart;. And she hand-sewn my dress as well, while I did the armwarmers and hat.

EOY was super BORING. There really was nothing much to see. IDK, I thought it'd be bigger than that, even if it's just a little. I was stuck to the drawing wall most of the time lol.

Hmm :/ well since I don't update as much nowadays, I guess I'll just load some pictures >__> and I need to draw more. Which, btw, I do. But I don't have a scanner and I don't feel like disturbing or troubling my bf or my friend to scan them. I have a tablet but I'm not good at digital arts yet, so I don't feel like uploading them. ...well, s'not like I'm good at traditional arts anyway <__<

Then there are those shits going on in my life, which I won't talk about because they're going to depress me again. Yes guys, my school's animation course had fully, completely, wholly crushed my self-esteem to practically nothing.

Anyway. Uploading the pics NAO. Also *flails* I can barely wait for Christmas. My favourite holiday of the year WHOOOOO.
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Got tagged, I'm bored, my journal hasn't been updated for quite a long time, so here goes.

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other ppl (Strike HTML does everyone justice! OwO)
4. tell those people you tagged them (:T)

Character: Saegusa Haruki

[I have no idea why I chose Haruki while I have like 1923810238 other OCs. I thought about choosing Kaoru, but then his character isn't as well-developed as Haruki. I could've chosen Rindou, but I think Haruki will be more interesting... Heck, I could've even chosen Subaru, Yuu or Kylith. I guess Haruki's bright sky blue hair has some appeal.]

1. A guitarist in a 5-man visual-kei band called "The Nameless Heroes". [The name obviously came from one of Antic Cafe's songs]
2. Is the cousin of my other OC, Subaru. Coincidentally, Subaru is a bassist in another band.
3. I haven't posted his picture yet [though I've drawn him], but he has long hair that falls to his mid-back.
4. He likes to change his hair colour. Like, every 3 months or so. He had dyed his hair brown [just like every other guy], pink, blonde, purple, green and such. But he usually appears in bright sky blue hair, or brown.
5. Loves coloured contacts too. He probably has a collection of them at home and stocks them back whenever they're expired.
6. You'll probably see him popping out in a group/guild/whatever that RunawayKid might make. But that group/guild/whatever might not exist in the near future.
7. Lives in a 1LDK apartment, and it's all white. Down to the floor, carpet, furniture. It's white, and the furniture are either white, or made out of metal or light-coloured wood. Nobody had ever expected this, since his hair always appear... uh, y'know, colourful. He enjoys designing and decorating this little heaven of his, though.
8. Wears a lot of monochrome [grey, black, white] clothing. Mainly because they suit his crazy-coloured hair easily. He has a lot of coloured clothings too, but he wears the black-white-grey ones more often.

I will only tag one person, and that is RunawayKid 8'D YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU KELLY ♥
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Hai guise. I attended the Sundown Festival 2010 here in Singapore last night. The artists who are involved included SuG, LM.C, F.Cuz and Afterschool. I wrote a report on the live event, but only on the J-Rock bands.

If you guys somehow couldn't make it to the event, or just wanna reminisce about the event last night, feel free to read the report!

[Warning: it's also crappy, sucky and contains fangirlings.]

Still, yeah, feel free to head over to… , read the report, and then comment. Or something. 8D Also feel free to link it everywhere else, or copy paste [so long as you give credits, of course ^^U]!

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This is fucking awesome XD


*is totally grateful she didn't get Twilight icons*

8D (not-so-)Happy Liars' Day, everyone, make sure to not get your pants on fire, k? 8D
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[it's technically Friday here. 1:57AM, see.]

Dearest the dude who assigned my class for the Monday assessment turn,

I really really don't care who you are--I'm gonna harbor some kinda grudge in me towards you until I see the point of assigning my damned class for Monday. Fuck you, you moron.

Heya. My rage mode is back. It's Friday, and I'm not done with ANY of my final projects. FML.

Seriously dude, if you're reading this, do remember that a girl from class N will harbor grudges towards you.

Rant over. Back to work.

[I told you it's a shit no one particularly care about]
It's here. February 12 (finally) came 2 days ago, and now February 16 will soon follow. We come, we leave. Oh, life.

Anyway. Yeah. Happy Valentine's Day. And Chinese New Year, if you're celebrating it.

I'm not giving out any giri-choco this year, mainly because the people I usually give giri-choco to are not in town (neither Jakarta or Singapore), and besides the day fell on Chinese New Year anyway. I'd prolly give some to runaway-kid, though :3

My date this year is Google SketchUp StressUp. Rather than having no date at all, it's better, or it's even worse. Depends on how you see it. Btw, the damned guy crashed on me once, and I nearly lost my work up till now. God bless the autosave function. Close call, it was.

My cousins almost finished up my SOURS gummy. I'm pissed. I never liked kids at the age of 6-12 to begin with. In fact, I kinda hate them.

I still want a BJD. I'm gonna go to the tailor to get some of my designs turned into actual clothes on June. I want a new Durarara!! chapter or episode. I still want a DSLR.

I still remember. I still believe. I still hope. And I'll continue to remember. I'll continue to believe. And I'll continue to hope.

The long-haired guy I met at college a few days ago is interesting--at least to me.

...oh, you read all of these? Woah. I hope you realize that this is a pointless journal. Sorry for spamming your inbox. XD

There's no continuation to my diary, "It feels bad." By myself
In this way, the words that I couldn't speak are going to fade away

~Haru, Sakura no Koro [by: alice nine.]

Hello, Alice. Welcome to my land.
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Did you know? They said that there was this myth that a rabbit will die if it feels too lonely.

I suppose that instead of a cat, I'm a rabbit then? I suppose everyone is a rabbit inside their hearts then?

I guess loneliness is one of the biggest obstacle a human being should overcome. But if we try to, maybe we'll become numb to that feeling? Until it gets unbearable and we have to cry out like never before? But I guess it's just me.

And in my case, maybe previously, I was lonely too. Maybe previously, I was too lonely that I can't even feel like I'm lonely. Or maybe, I never really felt this lonely anyway. Until I moved out of my uncomfortable and yet cozy bird cage. Or maybe, rabbit cage?

It's okay. February 12 will hurry come. Days will pass like ferris wheels, turning and turning around endlessly in the sunset-lit sky. And you won't feel it. It's okay. It's okay. You'll cope with it. Don't despair. Don't despair.

I've never needed hugs this much. Oh wait. Maybe I had. Once. When she left me just like today.

Dear self: stop posting this kind of journal. [but really, I need to update this journal. And this is how I'm feeling.]

I call it "My land".
Another one?
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(Because B-on-D is a Kamen Rider huge fan and I find the phrase D-D-D-Decade! hilarious.)

*sigh*. December is here. And now it's going in a few days. 2009 had come, and now it will vanish into memory. 2010 will come soon, along with January.

I can't wait for my 3-months Summer Holiday, but I don't feel like going back to Singapore, much less check my exam results there. Bah. Not that I hate Singapore--it's just... not for me, I guess. I hate hot weather, in case you don't know. And even here in Indonesia, I turn on the Air-con almost the whole time. And I guess Vancouver's summer is better than Singapore's weather. Meh.

And. I'll have to go back to the assignments again. Not that I hate art (or else, what's the point of enrolling into an art college?), but it's just that sometimes drawing something that I like is better... I suppose. I've been telling myself, "Hang on, Sora, 3 more months. Hang on for 3 more months. 90 days isn't that long." but hey, seriously, sometimes I wish time would be slower. Or faster.

Also, I had been considering of switching my choice to Graphic Designs, instead of taking Fashion Designs. Why? Because I lack the confidence. I mean, seriously, I can't even operate a sewing machine. And I'm not good in hand-sewing.

I can design, of course, but the "making the design into a wearable 3D thing" is kinda hard for me, I guess. And really, a fashion designer who can't operate a sewing machine. That's as pathetic as a software maker who can't operate a computer. *headdesk*

This place I'm currently at is my comfort zone, I guess, and despite the fact that I'm brave enough to step out, I just don't feel like it.

Oh, and to a certain guy who's definitely not reading this journal: purple tartan shirt doesn't suit you. End of story.

I've been rambling. I know. I realized. Rambles ended. Bye. Merry Christmas.
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Is finally here! D: I need to stock up on sweets~ 19th November will be my assessment day and I'm freaking afraid. D': I need to brush up on things.

Ah~ so much to do, so little time.

[Since I entered LASALLE, I realize that as I gain things, I lost two of my precious, precious cherished things: my sleeping hours AND my self-esteem. My self-esteem is now close to none. ^^U oh well.]
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I've got no time to post anything recently. Heck, I don't even have the time to do my own personal projects! D: I have a long list of what to draw, and ideas for stories, but I've got no time to draw/write them because my time were all eaten by my assignments. It was fun, and I love art, but sometimes it's just too much...

*sigh* I know it's gonna be busy, but I never thought it's gonna be this busy. Sometimes I fell asleep in front of my laptop, sometimes I even fell asleep while standing in the crowded subway! And then, just last night, I was in the subway home after a long, ruined day and luckily my night was saved. <__< this young gentleman probably saw me looking so-very-tired-and-will-probably-faint-sometime-soon and gave his leaning place to me so I can rest a little. QwO thanks a lot. But even then, when I was walking home from the subway station, I kept on stumbling and I even almost fell asleep while walking. And then after taking a bath, I fell asleep... >__>

Plus, my classmates and friends are all older than me, and they're far more experienced, so whenever I look at their artworks, I feel so.. devastated--like I'm a total noob.

Most of us slept only about 3-5 hours per day (some even didn't sleep at all sometimes, or only get 1 hour of sleep). And me, I rely on my sweets like it's my drugs/life/something. @__@ some others rely on Red Bull, and some others on coffee.

Well, I have to persevere, I guess :3 there's no going back after I've sacrificed a lot of things~

Wanna take a peek at my life?
Or perhaps, my thoughts?
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I am assuming that most of the people here in dA have Facebook account. Now, what I would like to tell you is that there are massive artworks ripped from deviantART and transformed into little buttons on a Facebook application which is called "Pieces of Flair".

I believe that the thieves themselves aren't really making advantages/profit/money over this, but I still object to this. I really wish I could've done something to the artworks, but the said artworks aren't mine, and I am not ready to report the copyright infringement as it requires me to act as the owner... or at least, that's what I comprehend after reading the FAQ about reporting copyright infringement.

Thus, the least I can do is write this news and inform as many people as possible. Just in the time span of this 1-2 hours, I've found a couple Pieces of Flair which are rip-offs from this site--I've seen the said artworks in the Pieces of Flairs here before.

I would like to tell you readers to possibly, perhaps make an account on Facebook (if you haven't already), get Pieces of Flair into your applications list, and report the PoFs which contains your artworks. It's really breaking my heart to open this application and see stolen artworks in practically every page. I believe you, the original creators, too, is not happy with this :(

P.S. please excuse any grammatical mistakes ^^U English is my second language.

but it still depends on my IGCSE marks (at the very least, 5 Cs including English).


*throws confetti*

*jumps around*

Go here to find out what actually happens in my life...
Go here to find out what's running inside my mind.

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16 May 2009. My hard disk... DIED. Officially. ;~;

Data can't be retrieved. Including all of my fanfictions, ALL of my photoshop stuffs (projects, textures, brushes, downloaded stuffs, wallpapers, stamps, EVERYTHING.), ALL of my photos and pictures, personal stuffs, stock pics, linearts, scanned drawings, mangascans and other bunches of stuffs.

AND. The worst thing: I lost ALL of my songs. ALL of them. ALL 20 GIGABYTES OF THEM. AND. NOT TO MENTION MOVIES AND MUSIC VIDEOS.


Yep. R.I.P, my hard disk.

Ah, but anyway. I'm still looking around if anyone can repair my EHD without formatting it.

Please, anyone, tell me if you know someone in Jakarta, Indonesia, who can do it. T___T

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I keep all of my things there you see. Since I shared the comp with my older sis and she doesn't keep too much things and we've installed a lot of programs in our computer. So in order to prevent the comp from working slowly (my data took up about 20gb space in my 500gb EHD), I kept it in my EHD.

AND. IT DIED. ....kinda.

Well, earlier (I DIDN'T COUNT THE TIME!!), I was browsing through my EHD, looking at the pretty pics of KHR when suddenly this attention panel pop out. I kinda forget what it said, but when then another attention panel pop out and say that windows explorer needs to be closed and I let it. AND. THEN. WHEN I TRY TO OPEN MY EHD. MY COMP SAYS THAT IT'S INACCESSIBLE!!! I ejected it, and plugged the cable again. AND. IT'S STILL DARN INACCESSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW I CAN'T DO ALL OF MY UNFINISHED FICS (except for 4 of them, 2 of which I accidentally and luckily saved on my comp's desktop. The other two were still in draft version, meaning papers.). AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING INVOLVING WALLPAPERS EITHER!! I CAN'T EVEN DO ANY COLORING, SINCE ALL MY LINEARTS ARE IN MY EHD!!!!!


*sob sob sob*

Help? Please? *sob*

*sigh* seems like I'd have to bring my beloved EHD to repair... *sniffles*

Go here if you wanna know more about my life.
Go here if you wanna know more about my thoughts, and get some pieces of my rants.
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Eh. I'm kinda... upset. Upset cuz I can't find anything good to draw lately. I mean, I do have idea, but... laziness is the ultimate factor. *brick'd*

I do have some little things waiting for me to scan them but... my scanner just made the job harder than it should be. Oh well. Anyway, I gotta scan them now.

Anyway... I need food. And sweets. Before I go madder and more insane than I actually already am. *brick'd again*

Go here if you wanna read more of my life.
And here for my thoughts.
Disregard the lame blogs addresses.
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Now that it's sent.... all that's left is fear. Honestly, I don't want to compare anyone with anyone. But I can't help it, you know? I mean, compared to other Suteneko members... I feel that I'm the one with the ugliest artworks...

And now that my portfolio is sent, I'm really scared if I'm not gonna be accepted... I don't wanna disappoint my family and friends--they had put a great expectation in me and I don't want to lose their trust... TT____TT

Mou, kowai dakedo... ima mo, ashi wo tomarenai, desho? Even if we're scared and lost, let's just move on, try, and hope...
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