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poor kairi...

been on a sora-as-pred binge lately. D: What is wrong with me?

anyway, this has been floating around in my head for a while. It needed to be drawn. WHAT WHAT, M/F VORE, LAWL.

Her outfit was a whorebag to draw. D:
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Nice rendering! Now please let her have one more chance to be a cute mommy someday! 
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sora looks so cute
i dont like Kairi so she can just digest for all i care
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me too i dont want her to be with sora...sora is mine!
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i do have an image in my gallery where kairi ate sora.
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I found it but... this one turned out better drawn than that one. I like your character Mecca btw.
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Oh! Mecca isn't mine. xD; She belongs to a friend whom I don't think is very active on DA anymore..
Well then.... Which ones are yours?
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Die, the lemur-girl. Figaro the catboy and Mecca belong to a friend, who's always given me permission to draw their characters. xD
So what about the the other human in your vore doodles?
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Oh! If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's just a random character I drew up one day and have using her ever since. I don't think she has a name..
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This....... should be the other wat around.....
With the position she is in it seems more logical that kairi is the one who will be getting murdered.
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Awesome picture :D
He can protect her till he digests her and craps her out.
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Great pic, but...... *takes out rifle* Noboby eats my girl!
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i love m/f :]! and i love this!!! win Sora xD utter win.
I don't think he's going to be doing much protecting. I mean, can he even move like that?
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Awesome work. I believe it is the very first vore art where Sora eats Kairi that I've ever seen, a sight for sore eyes. =)
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Hehe, well hopefully I'll have it colored and posted soon, so be on the lookout for that! x3
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I'll sure keep an eye out for when that comes. =)

On a sidenote, back at the "Welcome home?" image of yours.. when you said Sora would get his revenge in a comment. I got the mental image of that exact situation turned around with Sora being the one annoyed telling Kairi something akin to "And this is for getting yourself in trouble again and making me worried sick, again!" :XD:
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