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The last journal was almost three years ago to the day.

A lot happened in those three years, mainly I managed to grow the archive of my comic Soul's Journey to almost 200 pages by now.

Another thing is that for a long while I put a lot of my art into storage for self-doubt reasons. I recently pulled out most of it again. After doing that reorganised my gallery a little to better represent where I came from and what I'm doing these days. It's less of a change in subject matter, and more of a quality increase (I hope).

I kinda want to be more active in these parts again. But most of my current art adventures are comic pages, rarely single art pieces. So we'll see how this pans out :P
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Haven't written one of these in ages. Since I give little status updates every week beneath the comic pages I kind of neglect writing anything here.

2015 in most senses was a pretty cool year. I started my comic Soul's Journey and it broke loose of it's previous versions. I got to know quite a number of cool people through it, too. If nothing else, I'm certain all the work was worth it for that alone. The comic (and maybe soon comics) will certainly stay a priority in my life, next to my studies and day job. 2016 will be the year in which I (hopefully) graduate from uni. Still a lot of work ahead, but I kind of look forward to it.
Also early this year I signed up for the Storyteller's Summit (formerly known as "OALive") and learnt a lot about storytelling in general and met a bunch of people. Now with all these people I regularly meet online I kind of need to translate that into meeting people in real life for 2016. We'll see how that turns out.
I also have a new best friend now, by which I indeed mean my cat. Dunno if I'm his best friend, too, but at least I'm his favourite food provider! He's a joy to have around and certainly still has his own head about the timing of food, play, cuddling and sleeping, but his large cute eyes justify anything anyway :P

Then I've also been to a number of good movies this year. Ant-Man, The Martian, In The Heart Of The Sea, Star Wars... Now that I know a bit more about the art and skill of storytelling I enjoy movies a lot more (or maybe dislike them a lot more, depends).

I haven't really made resolutions for 2016, but there are a few things I want to try:
- keeping up with regular updates for Soul's Journey
- possibly getting Recentia off the ground
- being more social
- taking art classes at schoolism (picked out a programme already :P)
- try making more illustrations additionally to making pages
- convince more people to support me on Patreon
It's been nearly three months since I last wrote a journal here!
Seeing that I updated the comic each week, though, I'm pretty sure you were able to see that I am indeed alive.

Now the comic is at a new stage in it's evolution! I went live with the Patreon this morning:
I'm very much enjoying the work on "Soul's Journey" - it's so wonderful that after all these years the comic is finally comic to life!
yeah that's pretty much it xDD

You’ve got less than 6 hours, where I live, at least! So I think I shall do a quick recap now!

(Quick she said, well we’ll see about THAT!)


My life in general was great during 2014, while quite a few exciting times came just two not-so-happy-moments happened. That’s great, right?

A great thing is, that I didn’t have to retake any exams so far. Let’s knock on wood three times in hopes that this will stay the way it started! Best thing about this probably is, that I finally managed to fulfill a New Year’s Resolution, since last year this time I said to myself, that I didn’t want the stress of retaking exams! I guess I’ll carry this one on to next year?

Third great thing happening was that I began preparations for the launch of my webcomic “Soul’s Journey”, which by the way will be the first thing I’ll do next year. I’ve been looking forward to this both in joy and agony. Of course I want to tell the story that has been bugging me for YEARS, but I’m also not quite sure if I’ll be able to keep the project alive the next few years…. Especially in 2016, when I (hopefully) have to do lots of work for my Bachelor degree…. But first things first: TOMORROW IS LAUNCH DAY!


I mentioned two not-so-happy-moments earlier. Well this year two cats of mine died!

First one was a cat that was with me since I first went to school. He knew pretty much everything about me, and I very much spoilt him :P When I started studying in 2013 I had to move and couldn’t take him with me, since he was pretty old and had his life established in the area. So I didn’t want to take him away from that. Well this March they diagnosed cancer for him and it was pretty far already so my mom decided to put him down. I know it was better for him that way, but sometimes I still cry for him, since I wasn’t there for him!

The other cat actually was my grandma’s cat, but since I moved in we had quite a special bond. Before that, too, but then I was around for a week or two only. She had quite a rough year, too, but we thought she would make it again. We were wrong. So she died at the end of October. I wasn’t around for her, too, which makes me very sad.

But to close with something more positive. My mom has two new cats. Tom and B’Elanna (guess right where those names comes from and you’ll get a cyber cookie!). They’ll be allowed to have one litter and I really want one of those kittens once it’s time. A girl if possible, because I want to call her Miral! (want another cyber cookie?)


So in general 2014 was a good year for me, despite me having to say good bye to two very loyal friends.


Artwise I think it was a good year, too. Though you’ll see last month’s work in the coming weeks only!

See you next year, then?


Byebye 2014! the middle of November :D

I just cleaned my gallery.... and I've been very thorough. Well I didn't delete anything, but put all the stuff that I didn't want in my gallery anymore into storage.

This includes:
- 100 Theme Challenge
- old/outdated reference sheets of my characters
- old requests and gift art
- old contest entries
- most memes

I also implemented a new folder system, one that I believe is easier to deal with (for you and me). 

Just thought I should give you a warning before you stumble in my gallery and find everything changed :P
... hopefully mean good things for the future, right?

Well I actually wanted to officially announce the website's launch to all of you, but it seems the host (Smack Jeeves) has some hardware issues. I hope everything will be solved without too much further trouble.
Luckily I made the effort to save the code on my hard drive a few weeks back, so the work of recoding isn't too much! I'm just happy not all my efforts are gone :) And all the pretty little pictures for the website are finished as well...

I'll inform you, when it's back online!

EDIT: Smack Jeeves is still having troubles, but I now managed to access my account and copy the codes for the website. So whatever happens all the work is saved! Let's just take this as a good omen!
As the title says, great if not wonderful news!

I'm like 98% done with the website for "Soul's Journey". Basically there's one cast picture missing and I'll have to decide which social media I'll make an "following" account for the comic, but that's pretty much it!

Oh and since I didn't get too much feedback on the last journal, I'll repost this here:

Soul's Journey aka "the comic"
This project has long been a mystery to most of you. Those who started watching me during the last two years probably never got in touch with this project. Time to give you some history lessons!
Back in 2009, when I was a whiny teen instead of a whiny adult, I first started working on this project, but I lacked skill, motivation and a good consistent story to go with. So it was paused and eventually quit. But the idea never really left me. So I started reworking it and it hopefully gained substance in the areas it lacked something and others. I'm currently preparing the first chapter, so I can start publishing it on 01/01/2015 and keep up an updating schedule of one page a week.

Another thing is that I'm not sure if I'll submit the whole comic to dA. Reading comics here is not exactly a joy since the site is lacking some sort of comic tool. I know there's the motion book option, but let's be honest how many people are using that to read comics?
I've been preparing a website (hosted by Smack Jeeves because I'm no webdesign talent), which only needs a few touch ups and can then be considered as finished. I'll definitely post the whole comic there for free! This is a project I pursue as a hobby, not to make money of it.

The options I considered for dA:
- posting the pages without word balloons and give a link to the website
- posting panel previews with a link to the website
- posting the first 8 or so pages on dA and then only continue on the website
Any input on those? Which would you prefer or do you have other ideas? Seriously I'm open to suggestions.
Reading might be of advantage :) But I won't promise anything on that xDD

Here's a list of things I'd like to cover in this journal:
1. Status feed
2. Soul's Journey aka "the comic"
3. Kyu

1. Status feeds
I know many people are simply not looking at them which implies they're also not using them. I've read through the first 4 pages of comments of the news concerning the new site layout, so I can guess that status updates are not exactly wanted by quite a lot of users. While I can see the potential abuse of them as a Facebook copy, I think they're something we can live with. (Especially after unwatching the collections!)

I personally will use them for "comic purposes" such as updates on how far I'm with the current pages/chapters and when I post new pages. There won't be any personal crap from me  and everything I consider important will still be brought to you by journal. Also because it's easier to find again at a later date.

2. Soul's Journey aka "the comic"
This project has long been a mystery to most of you. Those who started watching me during the last two years probably never got in touch with this project. Time to give you some history lessons!
Back in 2009, when I was a whiny teen instead of a whiny adult, I first started working on this project, but I lacked skill, motivation and a good consistent story to go with. So it was paused and eventually quit. But the idea never really left me. So I started reworking it and it hopefully gained substance in the areas it lacked something and others. I'm currently preparing the first chapter, so I can start publishing it on 01/01/2015 and keep up an updating schedule of one page a week.

Another thing is that I'm not sure if I'll submit the whole comic to dA. Reading comics here is not exactly a joy since the site is lacking some sort of comic tool. I know there's the motion book option, but let's be honest how many people are using that to read comics?
I've been preparing a website (hosted by Smack Jeeves because I'm no webdesign talent), which only needs a few touch ups and can then be considered as finished. I'll definitely post the whole comic there for free! This is a project I pursue as a hobby, not to make money of it.

The options I considered for dA:
- posting the pages without word balloons and give a link to the website
- posting panel previews with a link to the website
- posting the first 8 or so pages on dA and then only continue on the website
Any input on those? Which would you prefer or do you have other ideas? Seriously I'm open to suggestions.

3. Kyu
Although she seems to be neglected most of the time I still have my fursona Kyu. She's sort of going through a major change these days. Also I don't think I further call her "fursona". It just sounds a bit childish. She's more of an online representative of mine. And if you haven't noticed yet, she's gone evil!
OBEY MY WORD... by SophiePf

In case you wondered: yes this third point was only taking into the journal so I could call the list above a list! :P

Anyway don't forget to leave your opinion on my plans with the comic on dA! You'll even get an imaginery cookie for it!
Hello there, I thought it would be time for a new journal here.

At the moment, uni is taking pretty much time from me, although I must admit that I'm doing a lot of drawing during lectures as well (not all, but some... like English Oo). But I can still say, that I'm making quite some progress with everything!
First of all, I passed another exam, one I have been not sure about. But then we got the results and I was very relieved! It could've been better, but then again I passed in the first go and don't want to challenge my luck more than that xDD
Our uni days are pretty long now, which is exhausting, it's just another few weeks though, till it's going back to work.

I've been thinking about Wacom Cintiqs lately, and the wish for a Cintiq Companion is all over me again!  I know I'm not worth it yet, and I don't have the money for it anyway at this point.... but I'd so love to get one! I think that seeing your hand while drawing can improve a lot, but as I said I'm not ready for it yet, and until I feel I'm good enough for it, there might be a new generation of it already~
Other than that: the comic's making progress, I'm working on the overall cover at the moment, before moving on to the first chapter. But guys it's feeling really good to have a few steps done^^ In the meanwhile I'm also working on the website for the comic! I'll be hosting it at Smack Jeeves, and I got most of the stuff done already, but I'll have to add some content and actual pages (at the moment there are dummy pages from the first comic version online for testing purposes).
I have to say I'm really feeling motivated seeing all the progress this long time project is taking at the moment!

Weeks later than I originally anticipated - here I am looking for test readers!

As you might have noticed in my last journals, rare as they were, I am working on my comic. The first chapter is now fully sketched out and I'm looking for two additional test readers. So far I have a friend doing all the extra work!

What exactly I want you to do:
-> The job isn't too hard and time intensive I'd say. Since I actually only want you to read the sketched out chapter and tell me your thoughts about it as a whole or comment on single pages (bad or good things, whatever comes to your mind).
Therefore I'd like somebody having some experience with comics and somebody who hasn't that much. Thing is just that I of course want somebody in the subject being able to analyse a few things, while people who can simply say it works or it doesn't work. Potential readers will probably be a mix of those as well, so I'd like to have that from the start.

-> Include whether you're applying for "experienced" or "newby to the topic" in your comment, or note. (I know it's difficult to draw a line there, just go by feeling here...)

-> I'll show the finished pages to you as well, or will invite you to streams while working on them, not sure which way I'll handle that, maybe you've got some ideas? I just want to ensure, that the original sketch, that might have been good evolves to a better page!

-> You're preferably fluent in English! The comic's original will be in English and it's not my mother tongue, so will most probably contain a few mistakes. It's not the world's end, when they're published on the internet, but I'd like to avoid that.

-> I will look at each applicant's page, so I'd recommend you have submitted a few things. I want to get an impression of you and your works, to see if you fit the job.

-> Also, and this might be the mean part of everything, I'll most probably prefer people I know a bit. This goes hand in hand with a fear of art theft... it's irrational, I know...

So you think you're up for that? Either comment here, or write a note (I'd prefer the latter, though!)

I'll leave this open for a few days, so don't fret if you do not hear back from me immediately! It's just that I want to give chances to more people, not just those checking in each day. I do know that there's other stuff out there than the internet!

I have no idea for a title to be honest... might be a first xDD

Well anyway I figured it was about time that I giveyou guys a lifesign, my last journal was from January and the last submission was ages ago, too.
Lately I've been pretty busy, first I had some exams coming up, by now I know that I passed most of them, there's just one without a result yet. There'll be two more at the end of April, and one of them kinda gives me the creeps xDD

Furthermore my dayjob is tiring me out these past weeks I get home by 5pm and often have a headache... this week I went to bed right after coming home which proves to be effective against the headache but doesn't support a healthy lifestyle. On a positive note it's just two more weeks to easter and after that I'll be back at uni for three months (though I got a timetablealready and there's lots of stuff on it...)

Then two weeks ago I got the message from my mom (I don't live there anymore), that they had to put down my dearest cat due to a tumour in his lower jaw. I'm pretty sure a lot of you can imagine that I wasn't quite in mood for anything after that. Last weekend, when my mom's birthday celebration was going on I visited his grave and cried again. That cat was with me for more than half my life and he certainly belonged to the family.
I already missed him, when I moved out, but there always was the possibility of seeing him now and then and that made it easier, but now he's gone.
He had a good and long life, as I said he was there for a really long time, on May 1st he'd have his 14th birthday. It became a matter of time some time ago already, but it still came out of the sudden.
It is out now... kinda feels good...

But this journal shall not only consist of bad news, here's a good one as well:
Between headaches, mourning and procrastinating I managed to redo the concept of SJ... I came to a point whereI just didn't like it anymore (too many subplots and so complicated), but while sitting on the train home four weeks ago I had a strike of creativity and even came up with an ending I could work toward. The concept script was done relatively fast and I got a critic from a friend on it. Chapter 1 is now plotted out and I'm really thankful for the critique as I have a feeling it now is much better than I might have gotten it on my own! (Seriously THANK YOU!!)

And with that I close for the night... 
So let's do a review on 2013 now.
My "artistic developement" you can see

Yes I'm very late with this, but I just didn't feel like it earlier and I didn't have my resolutions at hand (I'm bad at those...)...

So 2013.... hm... in general I can say that I'm pretty satisfied with this one, most things went the way I wanted them to. That should cover things...

Or so we thought! Let's go into more detail here!

I remember in 2012 I had a pretty rough autumn due to not finding a company that'd give me an apprenticeship, this was solved in late November 2012, with a company not only offering me an apprenticeship but also to study. I accepted to study, means I'm three months working on that company like an apprentice and then I'm attending uni for three months a semester. Effectively I'm learning half a year's stuff in just three months. Why I'm talking about 2012? Well the studying began for me in October 2013, I first was at my company getting to it better and since November I'm in Dresden (with short vacation at home during christmas).
Uni began pretty relaxed and to be honest it is only maths, which is bothering me a little bit but I'm getting a hang of it again, just took me some time.

That's my whole 2013.... Or so you though!

Of course the year is longer than October, November and December, right?
Well the beginning of 2013 was still pretty rough since I needed to find a place to work in the meanwhile, otherwise the employment agency might have done somethign to me (seriously that woman that was "responsible" for me is pretty scary Oo).
So I somehow got around the first four months without beign eaten by her, and at the end of April I moved from my parents' house to my grandparents, since they live near the company that gave me the study place. So sooner or later I'd have moved there anyway. But the job situations in general are better there, so why not earlier?
I then got a job there pretty fast. (I began on May 1st, mean the first day was off, since that's a holiday in Germany xDD) And I found many new friendly persons there and had a fun time in the four months that I worked there. I took September off to get some of the important stuff done before beginning to study and then we're in October again.
So it was a good year in that perspective!
I'm really satisfied with it.

Some other things I enjoyed in 2013 were playing ACIII (yes I got that only at the end of 2012, so I finished it in 2013) and of course the sequel AC IV, which I finished like 6 hourse before 2014 xDD Then I read this awesome trilogy from Alexey Pehov, where the English version is worse than the German.... (seriously they altered names there >> well I got it in German and love it!). Then 2013 was the "Hobbit-Year", I watched the first movie in January and got the book (English version here xDD) and then watched the second movie, which was far from the book but I still enjoyed it a lot. And Flight Risig took off and I'm a member since the early days, it's very hard to get away from that game, even with an economy that might need some help xDD Something else? Oh yes, this year also was the Doctor Who year for me, I began watching it and I loved it so far, I really liked Matt Smith as the Doctor, and I just got to know him and he's gone xDD Well I'll respect the decision, and look forward to Capaldi. (Seriously I must be a really annoying fan, since my uncle knew that well enough to get me two TARDIS's, yes two.... and my brother got me a tee.... yup that must be known in my family xDD)

I've been working a lot on Soul's Journey, too. The planned start though wasn't quite a success xDD but behind the scenes a lot of progress was made.... I mean just look at this: it compares General Smith from the first version (2010) to the new one (just finished)....

So I guess now I covered all the important things... >> Or so I thought!
The resolutions are still missing!

1. I want to get Chapter 1 from Soul's Journey finished this year (not necessarily online).
2. I don't want to retake any exams in the first and second semester (so I better study hard!)
3. I want to finish with Star Trek TNG this year (I'm in the middle of season 3, so this should be managable...)

And now we're done..... Or so you thought!
Let's see what else I'm hoping/looking forward to in 2014!
First of all: Dreamfall Chapters! It's a computergame which is probably the one I'm looking forward to most ever since "Skaward Sword" was released! I've been replaying the two prequel games last year and I can't wait for this November!
Then I'm looking forward to a tour through Oberfranken, which is the north-eastern part of Bavaria, with :devSnaphance93. It'll mostly be castles, old towns and the like, but it'll be super awesome!
And for the rest ... well 2014 surprise me, and please only good surprises! I'll send the bad ones back!

NOW we're at the end, without any more interruptions.... Or so you thought, except no "or so you thought!

I've been thinking about writing a new journal ever since my birthday, which means since 11 days... I never found the time or the will to take the time to so now up to now.

First of all I really want to thank those who wished me a Happy Birthday again! I had a wonderful time with two friends at Castle Moritzburg (nearby Dresden, you that one from "Three Wishes for Cinderella"), later that week I drove home for Christmas and there the stressful time began xDD
It was my first Christmas at my grandma's, which now IS my home. I was pretty excited about it, since I usually have been at my other grandma's to celebrate Christmas Eve and we would visit here on Christmas Day. But not this year! This year in general brought lots of changes for me, most of them being pleasant some of them being less pleasant, yet I wouldn't call them straight bad or anything.
Well then six days after me it was my grandpa's birthday, right his birthday is on December 25th. Thinking about it, it is not a good date, though nobody will forget getting presents for him! We had lots of visitors that day, understandably. So the door bell didn't have much of a break.
The next day my parents and my little siblings arrived, they stayed longer. Until yesterday to be exact. While I actually like all of them, I was glad they were gone and the house went silent. I like silence it's easier to relax then...  With all those people around one has no time and patience for nothing...

On the other hand, I had quite some excuse with Assassin's Creed IV, which I already bought some weeks ago since the "Black Skull Edition", which I fancied, was nearly sold out, but could only begin playing, when I got home. My laptop can't take this kind of games anymore, it isn't a high end gaming computer after all. It suits my purpose of digital drawing and uni, but gaming... well I have NO IDEA how I managed to get through the other AC-games with it xDD But having an uncle with two computers (one nearly high end, one less high end xDD) I have the opportunity to enjoy the game one his less used one, which is still better at it than my laptop. Though I played AC III on his better one already. That one is connected to his larde 3D TV.... you can imagine I like playing there xDD I even finished it the other day, when my siblings occupied my uncle... Well I made a perfect run when I chased Charles Lee through the harbour... That mission is so eh... and I'm glad I won't ever have to do it again.

So let that be enough of Assassin's Creed for now xDD 
I really hope you had a wonderful Christmas yourself, or whatever it is you're celebrating this time of the year!

Now the year itself is about to end, I don't have much of set resolutions for the new one yet. I probably will get through to it without having any, as all the other years xDD
Since I know myself well enough to be sure that there won't be another journal this year let me wish you all a Happy New Year already and "Guten Rutsch!" (as we say in Germany^^)

Here I am again, without many artistic things to present.... AGAIN!
Yet I want to keep you guys updated.

First of all, my day job is pretty much tiring me out, when I get home in the evenings I don't feel too motivated anymore to do anything. I'm sitting in front of my laptop and do some dailies and then watch something on youtube or so... Well this can differ from day to day, but you can still describe it as doing nothing of sense xDD

Lately I also found a good liking in the new Pokémon generation and am "eagerly" playing Y. Means I'm playing it regularly, but since my efforts in breeding a male shiny Ponyta have not yet been successful and I'm only focusing on this lately I'm not getting too far anyway.
BUT if anybody here wants to own a Ponyta, just ask me for my friend code (or look it up on a previous journal and leave yours there), I do have plenty to give. Alternatively you can try Wonder Trades as I'm sharing the Ponyta-love there and trade each newly hatched Ponyta, that isn't shiny...means all of them so far xDD And maybe even a shiny one, if it isn't male.
Yes I do have my reasons to specifically want a male one. (From all of you I'm pretty sure only Snap will get that reason xDD Yes it's getting worse on that end, no females, but the ones I got in Wonder Trades!)

As for "Soul's Journey": I nearly finished the town map I've been working on the last week (you know tired in the evenings and well going on senseless trips... no comment on the last one, but a total of 12 hours on a bus... within one day... not quite comfortable if you only have one break of 5 minutes >>). The map is as good as finished and then I'll be sketching/painting/construting the main buildings and places I'll need for the first chapter, so I can safely begin with that one exactly as soon as possible.
I don't know how much time I'll have from next week onward, as I'll be at uni then for a whole month and I can't really estimate things as of now.

With that we get to the things drawing nearer, main focus on uni. I'll be in Dresden then, and I don't know when exactly I'll have my private internet - but until then I can safely use the one at the uni-campus. It may not be fast, but better than nothing. And uni itself is only a ten minutes walk from my place (which means I can sleep longer in the mornings xDD and I like sleeping in!)

For the reasons given I can't give you an exact date about the release of "Soul's Journey" (despite me actually wanting to release it in SEPTEMBER! I did such a huge miscalculation and underestimated my own inspiration on how much planning I out into this project... but it's for the better, I hope^^)

Now I think I'll close this journal with some hope of artistic activity: I did lots of sketches this past weeks, during my break at work (one hour is just too long and although I was afraid of getting lonely, I just pulled out my sketchbook after all...). I just need to find time and muse to scan them eventually.... Which means before this weekend, as I'll be VERY busy during it and won't have a scanner after it xDD


P.S.: You might have noticed me changing my username from "Kyujinchu" to "Kyulein93". I wanted to change it for a long time, but juyt Kyu or Kyulein weren't available, so I decided to put the 93 at the end on the last day of my PM... now I'm belonging to the normal people again xDD and I have no intention of getting another PM anytime soon... It's not really worth it...
...on things in my end.

->  Well as you've seen SJ makes progress - I already submitted the reference sheets. Now I'm at the point, though, where things will be really slow - drawing human-made stuff. I'll probably set up the whole city with Google SketchUp 8, though I'll need to get familiar with it, first. So lots of work before getting to the point.
I also need to practise humans a bit more before getting started for real.

->  The prologue is done so far, just the speech bubbles missing. But since I want to try ComicLife2 for those I'll wait until I have more pages ready. This programme has a 30-day-trial and I want to use it to it's fullest and not just for four pages...
So no pages until I got a decent buffer! I was planning for September with the release, but it seems like it will be next spring at my current pace...

->  I, too, scratched the cover for the prologue and will just start with the story after the regular cover. (I'm just relieving myself from a little bit of work xDD)

->  I really like the prologue's look so far. The only thing's pretty dark. I viewed at the pages on a monitor at work and it was pretty hard to see some things. I'll need to figure something out for this... >> But I'm on it! (This is only a minor thing, but I want all people who want to enjoy the comic see the pages correctly.)

-> I'll do the new reference sheets as the characters appear in the comic, once the character got a new ref I'll delete the old ones! I did some major redesigns on some characters, but as for now the old refs are usable, too!

->  I'm not doing too much of that, since my free time shrinked a lot in this month. I now began working and this leaves me pretty much without the energy to draw in the evenings. So drawing and stuff concentrates on the weekends or small doodles only.

->  I'm planning on streaming this evening, though. I just had a super cutified lynx scribbled yesterday and I already made a quick lineart.... so be prepared for a stream later this evening! (It's 6pm here, so yes, evening xDD)

->  Since I really want to concentrate on SJ for the time being other projects will stay on hold.

->  I'm re-addicted to Pokémon. It's official, yes. Well I actually didn't want to buy any of the new games, but the addiction got the better of me and went straight into GameStop to buy it... Well now I'm having a Pokémon Y eating up my time as well xDD (If anybody wants to exchange 3DS Friendcodes with me, just write me a note or comment here!
Btw, for everybody who read my previous journal and was wondering what language I chose now: I'm playing it in English xDD

->  I've only got 2 week of my premium membership on dA left, and I've got no problem with that... I once was so hyped by it, but now... well I'm not spending as much time on dA as I used to. And the only thing I'll be missing a little are the polls.... though I didn't use them too often...

->  I wrote a long journal again xDD No seriously I should try to stay more in touch, but I'm awfully lazy with that. Well I think the best way to stay in touch will always be DRAWING and SUBMITTING!

What kind of artist am I?

Thu Jun 14, 2012, 1:40 PM

This question came to my mind often these last days.

I once was a pue wolf artist. I really painted nothing but wolves. maybe a cat or two. Yet my gallery was dominated by wolf pictures. Now I don't even know how I was able to draw one and the same motive all the time, another pose for the wolves maybe, but yet it now seems like it has been always the same....
Some pretty backgrounds, a change of day and night, other poses, other characters. But it mostly have been wolves.
Today I still like to draw them, not as excessive as back then, however still like it. I made great progress with their anatomy, not perfect though xDDDD

Within my "Draw-the-wolf"-era I head a sudden change to horses. There was a time, I created one horse charcter after another, although I had no real use for them, I had no idea what to do with them. I still have big problems with their anatomy, if I don't have a reference at hand.
So you could say, I moved from a wolf-artist to a relatively mixed artist for some time.
After a month or two I lost my passion for horses, ok not really "lost" but it slowly fainted. I again concentrated to on my wolfies xDD

I already had two comics running then. Garya on the one hand and Okami no Densetsu(oh guys I was soooo Japan-freaky I lost that part of mine somewherexDDD still like to read manga, but it was reduced a lot lately) on the other hand. It's not likely that you guys know Garya, it's a partner project with a friend. The only exiyting veryion is in German on Animexx. It is still running... As you might have thought the story is about wolves. I may only have the coloring-part (and some story planning as well), but it tells about my wolf passion. Okami no Densetsu is about wolves as well, but there are quite a lot of humans present as well. My first thought on this ened, when I got a feeling it would copy The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess, but then I changed to plot and such, now I'm satisfied with the current outcome. I replanned it many times and it seems I finally get to a final version of the story.

So there were two comic within my wolf-artist times. They are like remnants and I don't want to stop them, and I won't stop them, just because they are flooded with wolf characters xDDD But when those two were running, I first had the idea for Cat's End. It is redrawn right now, so you might know it. From this time on I wasn't longer a pure wolf-artist, I began to add felines to my repertoire.

What do we have up to here: wolves, horses and cats... some humans if you count Okami no Densetsu.

And I've to admit, there aren't any major changes in this up to now. I really try to add more to the list and I mean I now have some sketches of birds, which I'm practising at the moment, for my planned project Magician Force I even began studying on gryphons. I tried out some other styles, such as SpaceArt and ConceptArt(wasn't very successful yet). But I still have a long way to go...

I don't know where it will lead to, but when I look back on what I was some years ago I'd say I've grown since then.

I'm really tempted to sketch something for those who read through this boring journal on myself and have an opinion on it xDDDDD

Greets Kyu

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Quite a late update, ne?
I haven't written anything for nearly a month and yet there are actually so many things to tell you... Well I id not have that much time, but honestly, I at least could have told you, that I'm back in Germany after I had a really wonderful trip to London!

Well the Zelda-Fans may know, that there was an orchastrated concert in London, I wrote about it earlier I think, well I was there, together with :iconrunenwoelfin-chan:! But first things first, the concert was the highlight of the trip, but we have seen a lot of interesting things!

Well our flight started at the airport Nuremberg, it was a quite early one, so we had to wake up early as well. If I was lucky I got three hours of sleep xDDD But I do not think, I would have got, if I had been trying to sleep a few hours before I actually went to bed. In the early morning my uncle drove me to the airport and I met up with Runa. We had a plenty of time after the check-in, and there was not anything going on at the airport. Thus about two hours of sitting around awaited us. I was very excited because of the flight, I love flying! Lately I have been coming around a lot and it almost always included flying xDD The flight was interesting, because it was still dark outside we only saw the lights in the streets of the cities, or the cars forming queues on the streets and we always asked ourselves which city exactly we were passing at the moment. Well when we arrived in London the sun already showed itself. Our next challenge was to find the way to our hotel. Well after a while of searching and asking around we found out, that we had to take the Gatwick-Express to get to the Victoria Station. From there our hotel was not far away and we walked there. Our check-in there had to wait until 1.30 pm, but we could drop our luggage there and walk around in the city already. London really is a greta city! We first had a look at the Buckingham Palace, luckily we were there in the morning and there were only a few tourists taking their chance to take photos of the guards. The Queen Victoria Memorial sadly was about being restorated, so we could not actually see it. Next station on our walk was the St. James' Park, next to the Buckingham Palace. There we learned about Duck Island and just had to go there xDD When we both met in the zoo in Nuremberg this summer we also took a lot of photos of gooses and ducks instaed of more exotic animals... >> well weirdtourists are weird. And again we took photos of gooses and ducks. When we left St. James' Park we arrived a the Government Buildings and afterwards we reached the Thames. From the distant we already saw Big Ben, my favourite photo model xDDOur first impressions was like: Gosh, a little tiny that one, it always looks so big... But when we got closer we took everything about its size back. It is just amazing! And all those details in its architecture, just gorgeous. Then we crossed Westminster Bridge and reached the London Eye, but the queue was quite a long one and we decided to take a drive on the next day. so we wandered around a bit and finally got back to our hotel. We now were allowed to check-in and go to our room. It was not a five-stars room, of course, but since we got it at a low price it was definetly alright. We rested for a while, because our feet hurt a lot, but then we were out again. We went to Victoria Station and bought our tickets for the underground and visited the famous Baker Street. Of course we wanted to have a look at the Sherlock Holmes Museum, it was interesting, but there were not many things to see. I maybe should read the other books... >> But well I got kinda lazy last time. Aftwerwards we looked for souvenirs and such things and found some really interesting stuff. Well then it was getting dark already and we just were out to eat something and then drove back to the hotel.

The next day began early again, since we wanted to have a ride with the London Eye. We wanted to be there as early as possible, so we do not have to wait for a long time, but sadly we rushed into a main traffic time. The underground station was more than full, so we decided to have a walk to the London Eye and buy tickets later. Although our feet hurt again we made it in time to the London Eye. Together with a River Tour we bought our tickets there and luckily we did not have to wait for a long time to have a ride.  Well smart tourists are smart... sometimes xDD. The view from up there really is wonderful and of course I took a lot of photos! Most of them are with Big Ben on them. As I said Big Ben was my favourite photo model xDD Since we had some time left until the River Cruise would begin, we bought our tickets for the underground, thus we did not need to do this later and we needed a day ticket anyway, sonce we wanted to go to the concert in the evening.
The River cruise itself was fantastic! I took a plenty of photos from Big Ben again, well yuo could say I started  'The Big Ben Chronicles of a two day's trip'. Well there are about  a hundred photos of it (I took circa 450 at all). The the ship runed and we drove into the port's direction. On the way there we saw many things, like the City Hall, Theatres, Museums and Café's, a plenty of bridges as well. And then we got to the last brigde there: the Tower Bridge! It was our last, but definetly not least sight worth seeing. Again I took a lot of photos, but the number does not reach the one of Big Ben in any way xDD
Whenthe River cruise ended, we only wanted to get back to the hotel. Our feet hurt and we were quite tired. So we just relaxed for some time and then made ourselves ready for the concert. We went to the area with the concert hall earlier, since we did not know how much time we would need to get there excatly. But it was easier than we thought, thus we had to wait in front of the concert hall for about half an hour. Weof course were not the first ones there, the queue was a very long one. But when we were allowed to enter the building the way through a labirynth of fences was behind us quickly. We just had to take some photos of the wallpapers inside, but sadly some did not have a good lighting. Well Anyway, I was there! We had some troubles with finding our places, but then we saw, that we had a very good view to the stage! When the concert began I was already trembling out of joy and happiness, this is the best gift I ever received! I do not regret all the trouble before! I just love the Zelda games and this concert made a dream come true! The good side effect was, that I got to see London, a city I wanted to visit for a long time already! Sadly they did not sell any CDs of the concert there, so I have to bus the Limited Edition of Skyward Sword, but well, I think it will be worth it!

Well the next day was the most exhausting, I think. We already set our alarm clocks at four o'clock in the morning, because we needed to pack the rest of our belongings and had to get to Gatwick. There we had a plenty of time again, after the check-in. We went to some shops there and saw many interesting souvenirs there. When we landed in Nuremberg Runa and I were saying our goodbye's and I had to get my train. I had a long way home, since my uncle was at work and could not pick me up from the airport. I spent a lot of time in trains and busses, but at 5 pm I finally arrived home.  I was totally tired, since we again had not enough sleep the night before. And I still had to learn for the test in chemistry at the next day.

Well sooner or later (well... probably later) I'll of course upload some photos from London!
See you then!