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Beyond the Malstrom by SophiePf Beyond the Malstrom by SophiePf
It's #mermay so even I get out of my shell and draw mermaids :D While I don't have the time to do a fullblown picture every day, I decided to sprinkle a few over my Twitter timeline here and there. The first one didn't turn out that well, but this second one was more to my liking.

I was reminded of a book collecting some of Hans Christian Andersen's tales, including the little mermaid. It had an illustration with the little mermaid somewhat posed like this when she makes her way through the malstrom to find the sea witch. This picture stuck with me for year and was the first thing I thought of for years when the little mermaid was concerned.

So, I decided to give "recreating" it a try, even though I hadn't seen the book in years. I gave it my own touch by colouring her fish-part orange and giving her fin-ears as well as some coloured strands. I also think the illustration in the book depicted her as blonde.... sooo, yeah, I guess the original illustration was more of an inspiration :)


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May 13, 2018
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