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I didnt want to post this. I kept putting it off because I was very depressed/ in denial when I found out what happened, but then I realized that you guys deserve to know this. btw, i got permission from Lily's family to post this info. people need to be informed on how dangerous YamilovesYugi654/ Shelby Stubblefield can be and how far she takes things

LilyKaiba-Sennen 's aunt emailed me though Lily's email address a few days ago asking if I was her friend because she had some info for me about her......I don't want to say it, just read it...

...I have so many questions for this.
How did she drown?
How long was in under the water? Must have been along enough to get on life support
Where did she drown?
What other complications?
She can't be physically/mentally be able to get online or does her family not let her back online for her safety?
did she leave a note?

...anyways, when her aunt mentioned what Lily's wrote, I can only guess she was talking about this journal:  YamiLovesYugi654 crushd my heart :'(i miss her so much nd i need her :'( ik i called her mean but it was cuz i was hurt. everthing i did was wrong 2 her nd i got stressed out. im so srry i called her mean. i mean that from the bottom of my heart all i wanted was my family together (her me nd gummicandy). i tried 2 get her back but this is wat i got :'( 

 i cant take it anymore :'(  i didnt do anything 2 her relationship today i was minding my own business nd gummi was doing wat she askd. idk wat 2 do anymore. i tried pics i tried 2 be nice i tried 2 go after her but nothing works nd now she hates me. idk if i can live anymore :'( why live if i cant have a family thts happy? im so sorry that im much a bad sis onee chan im srry i wish i could make it up :'( 
(for some reason the screenshots got deleted but ill re-upload them here later)

 I wanted to know everything about the incident but i respect their decision to keep things vague so I didnt ask for further details except for updates on her health. I did do some research about side effects from drowning. The most common results I got were permanent brain damage, lung problems and difficulty breathing.

I sure fucking hope that those are not the complications Lily's facing although those are all severe. I am so mad at myself because I felt like I could have protected Lily more. I should have been more persistent on telling Lily to just block shelby..maybe things would have been more different, idk. it haunts me on the thought that i could have saved her..and to think that I won't be able to talk to her again or that she could have these life long side effects really breaks my heart...she was very sweet to people and she never deserved this abuse. the fact that I was her rp mom makes me feel like a failure even more... AND THIS FUCKING BITCH SHELBY MADE ME LOSE A CLOSE FRIEND FOR THE FUN OF IT. THIS LITERALLY COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED IF SHE WASNT SUCH A BITCH

I replied showing them how shelby bullied Lily and mentioned that they could press charges on Shelby since there's more than enough proof against her.  but her aunt said that they only wanted to focus on Lily's health right now. and after thinking into that, i understand them, because I really want Lily to make it alive and support from her family is what she really needs now.
Anyways her aunt said theyre planning for lily to go through counseling which is good im glad shes getting the help she needs

I know Gummi-Candy has told this news to a few other people before, but HERE'S HOW THIS FUCKING HEARTLESS WHITEKNIGHT BITCH AtemlovesHeba123/ Summer Kearney RESPONDS:

The context behind this was a few weeks ago Summer told Gummi that she wanted to be my friend. I told Gummi to tell her that I'll let her be my friend but she needed to apologize to Gummi and Lily for that bs comment she posted on Gummi's profile (you can see what she posted here: Hexalogy: AtemlovesHeba123 joins the brawli didnt want to call her out. i thought she was being nice to Gummi-Candy and would stay out of this drama because she decided to stay being gummi's rp sis even after shelby blocked lily and gummi. I wanted to make a post about how YamilovesYugi654/Shelby was trying to break up a relationship, but this whiteknight asked for it. you fucked up the moment you left this comment on Gummi's profile:
Gummi asked her on fb about where did she call shelby a "bitch" or "motherfucker" because she doesn't remember. AtemlovesHeba123 aka Summer Kearney says she got a screenshot of where Gummi called her that. And this dumbass shows Gummi a screenshot of a comment she made in 2015 (this is not her screenshot btw I took it)
As Gummi said, this was two years ago. and its a year before Gummi decided to be friends with them. Shelby and summer are really stretching to get some dirt on Gummi. it seems as they are dedicated to doing that because Summer went through so many pages of Gummi's profile comments
) and unblock them both here. Gummi told me Summer said she'd do it, but she never did. here's proof that she did agree to my conditions:

Their conversation about Lily started when Haga sent me this screenshot

And this fucking whiteknight VOTES to KEEP HER BLOCKED while being fake to Gummi calling her "sis". even when she knows what happened. Shelby doesnt even mention Lily, because its clear that she doesn't give a fuck if Lily is gone and she wouldnt even bat a fucking eye if she found out that Lily attempted suicide because of her useless ass. I then told Gummi to tell Summer that I changed my mind about being friends. Gummi explained to me that Glen knew her back when Shelby were dating, and he was told that shelby was a cheater, so it looks like he was also brainwashed. And since Atem Williams voted to keep Gummi blocked, I'm also exposing him too. He's the person Shelby sent to attack Lily when all of this drama started (you can see the comment he sent in this journal here: YamiLovesYugi654 blocks someone who defends her!!EDIT!!: as soon as I published this, I noticed that the screenshots do not show up on my end so I'll be fixing those, just letting anyone know in case you happen to read this and don't see any pictures
And all because that person refused to ROLEPLAY with her.
Let me explain. (LONG STORY: It may feel like I'm taking a long time to get to the point, but there's a lot to go over there so that the story makes sense )
It all started when LilyKaiba-Sennen (glad youre back) did not want to add YamilovesYugi654 aka Shelby on her facebook. Shelby is notorious for reporting people on face book that she doesn't like so Lily had a bit of trust issues since her account always gets taken down whenever she's around. So she blocks Shelby so she doesn't find her. But they still talk to each other on hangouts
Guess what this bitch does, she gets one of her whitenights to bully Lily on fb as shown here:
I really want to name drop this guy but Lily says they apologized after.
Lily blocked Shelby, tell
its the first screenshot there)
So that's even more proof that AtemlovesHeba123 aka Summer Kearney is just as bad as Shelby. And yeah, I WILL blame this on you too you whiteknight bitch because one Summer doesn't give a fuck about Lily attempting suicide as shown here and two she takes Shelby's side knowing damn well shelby bullied Lily and Gummi so FUCK YOU TOO YOU FAKE ASS BITCH

back to Lily, her aunt wants to find out more on what happened. she says Lily didnt log out of her fb and da so she will look through her messages between shelby and her while the rest of her family spends time with Lily at the hospital. I asked if I could also log into her accounts to screenshot any other abusive messages shelby might have sent ( I made her fb account and Gummi made her DA) and I got permission for that too. I would show the screenshot of where this was discussed, but she said something personal about the family so I don't think i can show that. the next time you see Lily online on fb or da, it will not be her. it will be her aunt. and when her aunt does that, I'll then log into her social media.

Lastly, I thank everyone who gave Lily their support. Some of you guys may have not known her that well but you guys still cared and I'm sure Lily's family appreciates that too. it shows that there are still people with good hearts online who know that there the people you talk to behind the screen also have feelings. for people that are new here or happen to run into this, please read my previous journals/deviations if you want to know the whole story. I'm sorry for the really angry outbursts/rambling. i hope it doesnt distract you from the info. please understand that im still coping with the loss of a friend at the hands of heartless bullies. right now i can only hope Lily males a full recovery
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Godness... Why there are soo much evil people in this world?

I feel sorry for what happened to your friend; I hope she is now okay.

Also, that bastard who did this to that poor girl should live the rest of her life in prison.

I wish you and your friend the best and having a better life after all the hell both of you had to pass throught.

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Ohhhh boy did that make me angry. They PUSHED her to do this?! Wouldn't that count as manslaughter if it went wrong?

I am so sorry this happened! Nobody deserves this what so ever. I do hope Lily makes a speedy recovery from what had happened and doesn't have complications
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Also, she disabled all the coments on her guilt tripping journal so she could probable deceive unaware people.

If i were to comment to her, this is what I would link her.…
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^ This is win right here, I said this a million times to the bitch via gummy xD she got sooooo butthurt
SophieMuto's avatar
and to prevent people from showing actual evidence instead of the empty claims she makes

but that vid's funny because shelby cares so much about something trivial like her rep than someone's life so its fitting
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Ha! YamilovesYugi654 calling all these lies, and called people retarded for not siding with her by bringing up petty guilt tripping shit.

But Yami does not provide any evidence that all these are "lies." That let's you know that this journal is check mate on her rep. I also recommend you archive this so that if she somehow convinces DA that she's the victim and not Lily and gets this removed, you can still link people the archived version.
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sadly her whiteknights are a-okay with her bullying someone into attempting suicide. they have no problems with not seeing evidence, and if they see it, they will ignore all of it and keep defending shelby. its like they were brainwashed into being her mindslaves. ty for bringing up the archiving of her page, my friend already archived her fb so ill do that to her DA too
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Don't beat yourself up hun, in person, or over the can only do soooo much to snap someone out of the mental shackles shelby had on her.
She was mentally manipulating and abusing doubt made her think she was the only thing in the world to help and support and be there for her, praying on her weak heart and desire to be accepted.

I've seen this happen before my eyes one too many times. My brother suffered at the hands of a bitch very much like Shelby who ignored the law and did whatever she could to keep my brother in her claws. A few of my friends suffered the same way at the hands of others. I and my family tried so hard to reason with my brother. But he kept going back to her. Til finally a much nicer woman stepped into the picture and helped my brother out. The same can be said about one of my friends. The other is lost forever mentally. Now he's lost all his good friends because of her, everyone no longer trusts him, and he is stuck paying for everything she wants, and she sits around his house doing nothing but maxing out his credit card.
No matter what you say or do or try, it has to be the person themselves to break the chains of manipulation that bind them. Sadly....before Lily could get the strength to do such a thing Shelby flew in with one more jab that pushed her over the edge.

I know this shelby bitch doesnt seem like it, but she does have the skills to manipulate. All she does is offer sex and cries crocodile tears when cornered and act like she cares when really she just has a fake smile while she's no doubt rolling her eyes at whatever her friends do that does not center around her. And she prays on the weakest of people inorder to get her way. Horny guys, lonely girls, ones who just want to belong. And she's all the more lower in my eyes for it.
But im not surprised, the one bitch I know that stalked me like crazy did the same thing. She acted like a innocent sad lonely little girl who was an outcast when really she was a big nosed dumb giggling troll waiting to dig her claws into anyone that had extra coin in their pocket or if it was horny, willing to screw her. Considering the friend she tore away from me; she didnt seem impressed with him when she heard I was friends with him and he lived in his mom's basement; even dared call him a fucking creeper! Til she came along one day and saw the guy had ALOT of nice stuff and a huge tv etc and 3 laptops. I was surprised the whore didnt blow him right then and there! Oh but she still pulled a low lil stunt, fucked him in the next room when we were staying at his house the one night and didnt care i was there suffering with a cold at the time. No no and let's not forget she was still dating her bf at the time, saying she wanted to 'work things out' with him. Poor guy didnt have a chance when she saw my ex friend's bank account. And he turned his back on all his friends that warned him what an insane bitch she is. (Considering first day in high school, she handcuffed a guy's arm to the lunch table when he refused to go out with her.) Plus like Shelby, she doesnt care how old it is, she'll screw it if it gives her stuff. Sent naked photos of herself to an underage kid in texas with a spot they shouldnt be inorder for him to buy her things. Sick bitch...very sick.

Back to the point at hand though...dont be angry with yourself, just remember that you care and you wanted to help any way you could, we all did. Just...shelby's claws were far too deep.

Considering as they say, scars and cuts may heal on the skin...but the ones deeper never really do.

Been listening to this vid when i heard what happened...think it kinda fits if you ask me.

No one will care about shelby, they'll only remember her as a cynical rude insane bitch bully.

And since she's so high and mighty when it comes to her we come to knock the stuck up bitch's pedestal out from under her feet.…
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ty...its just so hard to believe that this situation went that far :(  im glad your brother got out of it but is the other guy still having problems to this very day? and yeah i knew she was literally the spawn of satan from the start, its Gummi who was so surprised that a girl who used to act like such a sweet person is now a monster...maybe she has always been that way...and the girl you mentioned sounds like everything shelby would do but in rl. ive actually heard about shelby sexting an underage person years ago but theres no evidence for least not yet. the fact that shes more concerned about her rep than someones life is so sickening. and i agree that the song's fitting. idk if people would cry if she dies but they sure wont cry when she goes through the same shit she put other people through. im praying that karma does get to her...although karma does sometimes seem to take a long time to get to people to deserve it
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I think of it as Gnesh (God of Karma) is building up for something big to hit her so damn hard with, she wont be able to recover.

And oh yea this bitch is nuts, her and shelby are cut from the same cloth. I mean, she got put in JAIL because she threatened to kill her neighbors and their dogs with a huge ass dagger! Daddy of course got her out when he should have let her fucking rot in prison; and she was told to stay away from weapons. Fun fact, she went behind the law's back and has a ton of swords and daggers once again.

Oh and she's a huge ass thief like shelby. She's fucking profiting off a book my friend and her late father were working on! I sent the damning proof to your blog on tumblr to the forum, has all the proof right there she stole it. (If you want to report it on amazon which is where she's selling it, feel free to let me know via note and I'll send the link to the book your way)

Half her work is traced, and she goes to local fairs and yanks the name tags off good art and puts her name on them instead!

And i knew she would be trouble when she dared throw a few people under the bus for her demands of yamixyugi mmd porn pictures....i just didnt think she would get THIS fucking stupid.
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Thanks Danny. I should have said all this.  Instead, all I can do is feature Lily’s art and add another paragraph to my journal to call them out.  Compared to everything you’ve said, that seems so inadequate.
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Hey say what you need to say hun dont worry. Trust me...this was a toned down version of what I had to true rant is on my fb accompanied by a raving bloodthirsty Kaneki ken picture.
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That's just it. I don't SAY much of anything. I just offer HUGS to everyone.  And that seems so inadequate compared to your speech.  Though I do have a reputation for keeping a cool head when other people are getting upset.
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Maybe this lil snippet right here can help. When the fella looks at what's written on his guitar.…

Dont be afraid to speak from the heart is what I mean.
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I operate more from th head.
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I featured Lily's art on this journal. Comment for a Feature .  And updated my main journal to refer to this information.
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ty for the support, her story does need to be heard with everyone else who was hurt by this monster
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You're welcome.  I'm here for everyone as long as anyone needs me.
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*hugs you* *tears rushing down cheeks* I can’t believe...
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*hugs back* i cant either...Crying 
MedievalTrauma's avatar
This really sucks...
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And HUGS to you too.
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*hugs back* Thanks...
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You too! More HUGS!
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