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its true when people say she makes death threats

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Published: July 18, 2017
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Deactivation? Does that mean you'll finally leave? No? dammit

In a seriousness, I wanted to point out some things
1) darkblade did not delete this profile, it's still here he only deleted everything
2) no one ever said you made his account. i said that you were controlling him. Examples are when you once told him to block Gummi-Candy when you hurt her and he followed without question. he once even called her a bitch when she tried defending herself so he is NOT innocent and I don't feel bad calling him out on his bs
3) He is not gone, he only made a new account called destroyer14111 (update, now he made a new one called Epicman14111 )
4) He needs to grow some balls. He's a weakling if he deactivates all because I said something
5) you wish people death? omg look how much youve changed! :D
6)Posting up evidence is not harassment nor is it lying, it's called informing other people about your sad ass since the DA staff can't do it's job and ban you
7) No, don't take it down, this is more evidence of what a delusional asshole you are
You made a mistake making a journal. I would have left him alone after the last deviation but i had to bring him up now because of you. its a no brainer this is about me so quit being a pussy and mention my name. Nice try trying to victimize yourself but reality says that youre still a bully that needs to be taken out. im sure other people who you hurt would agree like in the journals AskMMDYugi shared in their journal about you
You tell people to grow up yet you make that whiny journal since you can't handle the truth
Atem43210 is one of YamilovesYugi654's alternate accounts in case you don't know
this is the direct link to the journal… I only uploaded this screenshot in case if she deletes evidence
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Thanks to this journal catching her other one, i was able to send it the admins ways.
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how did they reply?
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No reply yet
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Please let me know who responds and with what.
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Which she DID delete.  And destroyer is gone but DarkBlade is still up.
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He made another account named Epicman14111
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Omg this is just sad....awwww poor wittle baby with her head stuck in imagination lannnnnd booo hooo. -plays a small violin-
I mean is her head that stuck far in that she thinks this guy is really her dad? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAA!!!

Jesus christ no wonder her parents want to make another kid. They want to make up for the fact they fucked up ROYALLY on her. xD!

What's Your Problem?

why doesnt she take after daddie's example and stop with the death threats and make tracks? Im tired of seeing her whiny lil ass have a break down every...-checks watch- 3 seconds? And scream death threats at people and wish harm upon them. That is NOT welcome on DA and she needs to leave and go live on encylopedia dramatica. Unless they kicked her off too. xD
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I see you read the DADS journal. What I found insane is that she seems to believe that her parents are supposed to ask her permission before having sex and having another baby.  And I guess she believes that anyone who has sex other than her is a slut.
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Silly lil troll, ppls who have sex are either horny, in love, or want to make up for the mistake that is her like her parents wish to do.

Also cant be a slut if some are virgins. Deadpool Pose 
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I knew she would never Change. She's a massive liar. I'm glad you caught wind of this journal. It is more good proof. 
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