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The Linear RPG

ok, made this in under 48 hours for the RPGDX 48 hour RPG making jam

the theme was 'LOFI' which I interpreted in the gameplay, I tried to include the bare minimum for an RPG and this is what came out of it.

I originally wanted to make a more traditional rpg but once I got this in my head it was too fun not to do, though I dont really think its too fun to play, but maybe some people will like it, I dont know :aww:

oh, and before anyone asks the 3D in this flash is powered by papervision.
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Get on my level I beat the whole thing on level 1 opieop
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You work has a great concept..Unique work done.. :)
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I finished at 41. I like this idea! It's a great concept!
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This is so much fun,
Specially the way that you,
By a simple (really) liner method,
Makes the players do their griding,
On this back and foward motion (heh),
Until they are able to advance to the next point.

Thank you so much for having and make this idea in a game!
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Finished at level 45
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Got to 56 before I got bored but this is a very interesting concept for gameplay :) I can't wait to see more of your games in the future building off this idea :)
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This is really fun but I found an exploit P:
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(jokingly) oh look! you remade final fantasy 13! i award your dedication and your ability to hide from square enix
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Cool idea. Awesome story.
Finished at lvl 61. Very wet indeed.
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how do i do this game!!!????
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I finished at level 52
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finnished at level 48
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why do i keep dying?!!
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i reach level 38 and then it stops
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Made it the end then started going back and forth through the entire game xD Once you reach like level 50 just hold the arrow key and you're good.

Actually really fun to play xD

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computer swiched off at level 99 noooooooooooooooo
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gave up on lv 10
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I finished on level 63
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i wished it wasn't a dream lol
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I was thoroughly amused. Thanks for the fun!

Still giggling over the names "cliche" and "Love Interest". Oops, I mean "Kliche" and "Tseret Nievol." Hehhehheh...
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