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Hello Kitty

My OC, Berry Bentley and her cat Grey. Done it while watching TrueBlood. Vampire stuff inspire me. :evillaugh: As a matter of fact, Berry is Estella's best friend and she is a vampire, "frozen" at 11.

Berry and Grey © me (Berryness)
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© 2009 - 2021 Sophibelle
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Them are charming!  Blush 
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cute :meow: just love the detailing on the clothes and hair
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heh, she really is a vampire?
Very good though! I tend to work a lot during Criminal minds and CSI orz So i understnad how you become inspired by that.
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Yeah, she became a vampire exactly the day before her 12 Birthday. :) Berry and Estella are my main OCs, I draw them for many years now but I never got to write their story. I am not a very good writer.
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heh, me niehter, though they sound interesting
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did you use a base or can i make one from it. i dont have to post the base if you want just what i used it for. i'll credit of course
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No, I did not use a base. And please don't trace this pose to make a base. Make your own or search for bases, there are plenty on dA. (:
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so very sweet. :D
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Kyah >.< Adorable!
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Super cute :meow: good work :clap:
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Cute, good work.
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FFFF soo cute~ I really like the cat O3O does he nibble?
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