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Copyright Statement 3

By Sophibelle
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Bigger copyright sign, bigger, bolder fonts. Yet, still a nice way of saying this.

Because I really REALLY dislike when I go to admire someone's artwork and they throw me in the face something like "YOU B#%&^, don't steal my art because I'll hunt you down and kill you!!!!!!"

Ugh, not nice at all. >_>

And I KNOW how it feels like to have your art stolen and abused, I really do. But that doesn't mean I will treat EVERYONE who visit my page like they're a dirtbag.

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Other copyright notices made by moi:

DA watermark by Sophibelle Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle Pixelled Copyright by Sophibelle Pixel Copyright Button by Sophibelle

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Copy and paste the thumb code into your artist's comments. It looks like this: :thumbxxxxxxxxx: and you can find it in the right section of the page, above the Statistics. -->

I am not 100% sure but I think premium membership is required to be able to post thumbnails in Artist's Comments and page modules... :<
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© 2012 - 2020 Sophibelle
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SetItOnStudent Digital Artist
Ooo, this is lovely, I'll be using it!
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suuffleHobbyist General Artist
using <3
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zZMaverickZzHobbyist Digital Artist
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xIMoonChildrenIxProfessional General Artist
I will use thank you
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AisudiHobbyist General Artist
Using. ^^
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InklinkaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Tysm for makin it!
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RueSoulHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm using this Hun! La la la la 
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Crimson-CardinalHobbyist General Artist
Used :)
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CallaBunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm using this!! tysm for making it!!
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CallaBunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
wait rip it doesn't work
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Sab-HannaHobbyist General Artist
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atramentous-crownHobbyist Digital Artist
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SilentFecaHobbyist Digital Artist
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Thank-you so much for creating these and making them available.  If I use them, you will receive all the credit and a link back to you!

But, but, but...what if I really WILL hunt them down and kill them?
(I'm sorry, but my work is being stolen, and that's the way I feel at the moment)
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DewyDewStudent Digital Artist
Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle  does this work is discriptions? 
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PsychoticWolfStudiosStudent Digital Artist
Using~ Thank you so much for this!
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Very helpful! Thank you for making this! :)
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annemarie-broederStudent Digital Artist
used ♥ big thanks to you ♥
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BlueberryPanda14Hobbyist Digital Artist

(idk if that worked xd)
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Aubergine100Hobbyist Digital Artist
Using! ^w^
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Noahsnowy-yStudent Digital Artist
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ayakolove300Hobbyist Artist
Do copy mean draw idk
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