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Dawn of Dragons by Joseph-C-Knight Dawn of Dragons :iconjoseph-c-knight:Joseph-C-Knight 221 27 Night Sky by Athena-chan Night Sky :iconathena-chan:Athena-chan 1,652 86 AC - Lowlands away by Kaschra AC - Lowlands away :iconkaschra:Kaschra 109 19 Assassin's Creed 4! by doubleleaf Assassin's Creed 4! :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 8,681 679 AC - Sunset by Kaschra AC - Sunset :iconkaschra:Kaschra 172 58 Lyanna Stark by Ysenna Lyanna Stark :iconysenna:Ysenna 286 9 Lyanna by Ysenna Lyanna :iconysenna:Ysenna 144 21
Doctor!Germany x reader- incurable

"Here's the last diagnosis you have to check for tonight, Doctor Ludwig" His secretary purred his name while handing him the large folder.
"Thank you, Agnes. You can go." he bluntly told her without taking his eyes off the papers he had to sign.
Agnes sighed in frustration as another attempt to capture her boss' attention miserably failed.
Ludwig Beilschmidt was one of the most famous and rich doctors in Germany. A very powerful and cruel man. He was like a celebrity to his country. With his imposing, muscular body and his handsome face he'd always be turning heads whenever he walked in a room. His sexy appearance, his money and his status made him the most desirable pray for the women of the elite. Of course, Ludwig had taken advantage of this a couple of times, having many different love affairs with not only beautiful, but also wealthy women, such as models, journalists, ambassadors etc.
Ludwig was sure that no matter what, every female
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 23 8
Jailbreak [Yandere! America X reader] 2 LEMON
Fire. That was exactly what Allen felt that was tearing up his whole body, starting from his heart. It consumed his arms and torso as he continued to throw endless punches at the dummy that was staring at him so indifferently. Scoffing at the object that was still shaking from his previous attacks, the unfazed expression irked at him and reminded him of someone. He let out a growl before swinging his arms into a furious round of merciless beating. The continuous buzz of the light that illuminated the small gym room was completely silenced as his knuckles meeting the rubber opponent reverberated off the walls, eventually turning the heads of fellow inmates who decided to take it low key by just fiddling with the weights. 
Allen was breathing heavily, his body heat up about ten notches with a glaze of sweat coating himself in a wet shine. He stood there, tightening his gloved hands into fists and regaining back his regular breathing pattern in his little break. He felt blood pump th
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 32 12
Jailbreak [Yandere! America X reader] 3
Your behind had lost all of its senses after sitting on the toilet for at least two hours, the numbness spreading to your thighs like a plague. The blood had drained from your face, taking the heat along with it after you stopped the steady flow of tears a little while ago. The atmosphere, dense with silence and humidity coaxed you to exit out the bathroom for some fresh air. Your lungs were pleading for it, but your heart and mind pushed you to isolate yourself from that monster outside. Bile rose in your throat again and anger boiled inside you when your thoughts kept leading back to one thing- you'd lost, and he had seduced you into his games. 
You couldn't believe yourself. The overwhelming sense of failure and hopelessness drowned you in a deep murky sea, where there was no light from any sun that could penetrate through. How could you face Allen now? As much as your heart ached to see him, you were shadowed in regret and guilt, sprouting from the recollection of your shaking
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 17 13
Jailbreak [Yandere! America X reader] 7
She was one of the many shining faces of Harvard. The best of the best, her career there as a professor was filled with scientific breakthroughs and the campus was an overall brighter environment with her bright personality to light up the halls. That smile of hers would pass on to other people's faces as contagious as an infectious disease. Perhaps the most well-liked person there was, everybody was devastated when her time in the light suddenly fell short to a drunk driver on the road. Her career was indeed shorter than people anticipated, but she left her mark in the department of psychology. In the short time of three years, she further explained the concept of human attachment and the general way how the brain was wired.
To say this tragedy left a mark on the family was an understatement. The family was shattered into broken shards when she was gone and it tore a hole in his soul with searing pain. It was a seed of darkness, and it had been embedded into Alfred's mind ever since h
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 15 13
Jailbreak [Yandere! America X reader] 1
The blinding flashes of vibrant blue and red continued to pulsate in the background as ear-splitting wails of police sirens rang in your ears. They slowly dulled out to a faint ring, and your body was begging for air while you were being carried off to God knows where. You were limp like a corpse, but you could make out the blurred blotches of shapes that was supposed to be your school. Ambulance trucks started to pull up, ready to take in any casualties suffering particularly badly to the aftereffects of inhaling the toxic, sickenly sweet fog. 
A few more police vehicles came rushing in, their sirens on full blast as well as a truck in a shade blacker than black. Loud shouts were thrown back and forth, further accentuating the chaos that broke out. Your heart was thumping violently in your chest and you thought that you were going to pass out. You fought every tooth and nail with every last bit of your willpower to stay conscious, too deathly afraid of anything he would do to you
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 42 9
Jailbreak [Yandere! America X reader] 9
"Go away!" He wailed. 

Around twenty minutes droned by with the same fiery response; no matter how many heartfelt words she spoke to him, Alfred let his stubbornness get the better of him. He wouldn't open the door but only stared with narrowed eyes at it. He wouldn't let her in, the one person that he wished to see the most, deep down inside. 

Something behind that door, whatever it may be, was an event that would make him regret not stepping outside. Alfred however, did not know that. Another fatal flaw that would later come to haunt him was that he didn't change from the bull-headed little boy he was when he was small. He was as stubborn as a mule and as lazy as a sloth; he had been living on shaky foundations consisting of bad habits and sleeping in until noon was one of them. Nobody could point fingers at him because people in general never change. That was why he decided to fall bac
:iconalfredosauce50:Alfredosauce50 17 8
Happiness: Prussia x Bartender!Reader
WARNING: Tis fluffeh. Yep, no swears. Le gasp!
Gilbert had looked for someone. He wanted to confess something, yet there was not a soul in sight. It pained him to see that no one could spare a moment to listen to him. He had called almost everyone in his contact list, and assuming it was just an invitation for drinks they had all blown him off. Every last one of them had left him utterly alone. Gil was at the point where he would do anything to get happy.
I reach out when I have a confession
I reach out in desperation
I reach out when no one is listening
So I go looking for the next best thing

“Something troubling you, hon?” you asked, from your side of the bar. The albino before sat hunched on his barstool, stronger liquor in his glass than the regular beer you served him.
That and the fact that he hadn’t hit on you once tonight made you think the poor man might really be in pain. And who better to console someone in pain than the one serving his drinks?
:icon666kurai:666kurai 280 309
Teacher!Prussia x Student!Reader
Warning: I swear. A lot. More than I should. But not as much as Romano, which is where I draw the line. It's good to have boundaries, right?
School sucks. Everyone knows that, right? But there's always that one class. There's always that one class where you find yourself actually enjoying yourself and learning something interesting. For you, that class was history. History with Mr. Beilschmidt. The albino man always found some tidbit to make the class laugh. His lessons were exciting, and he wasn't as uptight and stuffy as your other teachers. He was the type to sit up on his desk, legs crossed casually, and engage the whole damn class in a deep meaningful discussion, where you'd actually learn more than you ever would from a musty old textbook. And there was no denying that he was hotter than hellfire itself.
There was only one issue. Mr. Beilschmidt's ego was bigger than the freaking moon. So you and your fellow classmates took on the responsibility of knocking him down a few pegs. Y
:icon666kurai:666kurai 689 382
Hello Nurse by Morloth88 Hello Nurse :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 561 354



This is the first time in my life I'm not happy that it's my birthday...
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