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First of all, let me thank you for this piece both you dear and the artist, I can already say this, the picture really turned out great...

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Seniya (+Bio) by SophiaKS
Mature content
Seniya (+Bio) :iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 20 22
Succuphia by SophiaKS
Mature content
Succuphia :iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 43 20
Felarya: An Unexpected Encounter
Thayrn Forest
It was one of these typical, quite hot and humid days in the Thayrn Forest west of the Direwind Hills, near the snow-white beaches of the Myrodia Coast. In this forest the sky vanished almost completely. Illuminated by the brilliant rays of the sun, falling through the green leaves of the gigantic trees. The fresh air was filled with the scent of damp earth combined with that of wild fruits. As beautiful as this place was, it was just as dangerous. With the Fairy kingdom so close it was not uncommon to see one flying around, hunting or playing with other fairies. Some unfortunate humans, nekos and elves, considered prey, where running for their lives while the all too innocent predators like giant harpies, nagas and especially fairies, and a few others…, wanted nothing more than some lovely tasty snacks to fill their tummies. That was something, people from a bunch of different worlds would see as cruel and savage but here in Felarya, it was just the daily business
:iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 23 19
A Romantic Dinner by SophiaKS
Mature content
A Romantic Dinner :iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 53 17
Chibi Luna by SophiaKS Chibi Luna :iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 18 11
Felarya: Happy Prey
Chidokai forest
Home of most neeras in Felarya. A tiny species of intelligent ‘mouse people’, usually about 2 to 3 inches tall and therefore at the bottom of the food chain. They have large, rounded, furry ears and a hairless tail, just like a mouse. The reason why so many neeras live there is because of the tall trees with their complex root system which offer many excellent places for them to hide, that’s why it’s also called the ‘forest of many hiding places’.
One of them, a pretty adventurous young male neera has ventured out of his hiding place in order to find something to eat. His name was ‘Catnip’, because of his brown, slightly green fur. His parents made a little joke with giving him this name, considering that nekos are their main predators. The weather was clear and dry that day which was rarely the case in this massive, thick rain forest where it would normally rain almost continuously, causing the floor of the jungle to floo
:iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 45 44
Felarya: The Fairy And The Healer - Part 2
“Huh? What’s going on inside your head?” Luna asked while looking curiously at the smiling human who stood in front of her. “Thinking of lewd things, hmmm?”.
Suddenly Sam’s face turned as red as a tomato. He wildly waved with both his hands back and forth, accompanied by fast breathing.
“NO!” he shrieked. “Uhm…I mean yes. You are a very beautiful girl, so I would certainly think about that too but right now I’m actually…uhm, you know…” he stuttered, trying to find the right words.
‘Damn it! C’mon man, what the hell are you babbling about?’ Sam thought to himself. The Fairy visibly amused by his struggling gave him a mischievously smile. Teasing humans was the best, she chuckled.
They spent the rest of that day talking about themselves. He told her about his village, his task as a healer and why he came out here in the first place as well as how he found her. She was very curious and se
:iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 24 19
Felarya: The Fairy And The Healer - Bio's
Name: Luna
Species: Fairy
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 3 inches (minimum) | 5 feet (common) | 95 feet (maximum)
Hair: Silver blue, waist-long
Skin color: Fair
Eye color: Blue
Figure: Slim hourglass figure, transparent bluish butterfly like wings
Personality: Cheerful, playful, likes to tease and gets easily distracted
Residence: Fairy Kingdom
Occupation: /
Abilities: Size-Shifting magic, flying
Predation: Opportunistic: tends to see humanoids as food before persons
Luna is a playful, mischievous, carefree fairy and like most of her kind she loves nothing more than having fun, not really caring about the short or long-term consequences of her actions. Still very young and somewhat clumsy she gets easily distracted by her surroundings, which led to more than one embarrassing situation for her. Yet you shouldn’t underestimate her, she is a clever and voracious predator and thanks to her
:iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 12 5
Felarya: The Fairy And The Healer - Part 1
South of the Direwind Hills:
Deep inside the jungle near the bottomless chasm encircling the Fairy Kingdom, were two native human males sneaking through the thick foliage. The sky was clear, and the morning sun shone through the big leaves of the gigantic trees. Colorful flowers and blue ponds with small waterfalls made this place look almost like a paradise. The beautiful nature of this place could easily hide the dangers of this land, lurking behind every corner.
“At last” one of them said while carefully picking up an exotic-looking flower.
“That’s the one we are looking for?” the other man asked, looking at the flower skeptically.
“Yes, finally” he answered him full of joy.
“Are you sure it’s the right one, Doc? I would hate having risked my life for nothing!”
“Yes, no doubt. Take a closer look, Ed. Do you see the red dots on the stalk and the black spots on the inside of the blossoms? There is nothing comparable. We
:iconsophiaks:SophiaKS 23 18

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Seniya (+Bio)
Name: Seniya
Species: Succubus
Age: ?
Sex: Female
Height: 120 feet (Variable)
Skin color: Light-skinned
Wing color: Black/Red
Hair: Black, armpit-length
Eyes: Yellow, vertical pupils
Figure: Fit/Athletic
Other characteristics: Pointy ears, horns, long pointy tongue, fangs, tail

Seniya is a lustful, seductive and hedonistic succubus who loves nothing more than pleasure and enjoyment, always striving to maximize said pleasure and enjoyment in any way to her likings without caring much about anyone else. This rather manipulative and slightly playful demoness who can also be quite sadistic is like most of her kind extraordinary beautiful, possessing the body of a young beautiful woman, standing about 120 feet tall in her true form, although being able to freely change her size downwards. Her features look perfect and her alluring body was made to charm and seduce mortals, both male and female. Firm ample breasts, molded to her form with pink, sensitive nipples which seem to be always hard and erect. Her fair skin, soft and smooth to the touch and ever so slightly giving off a highly arousing, feminine scent. She has long black hair, crowned by two big majestic horns and red dragon-like wings. Her lascivious yellow eyes have vertical pupils and are surrounded by black smoky make-up, she also possesses a pair of sharp white fangs with a long pointy tongue sticking out between them from time to time, long pointy ears and a tail.

Normally she doesn't wear any clothes as the concept of said clothes is often foreign to a succubus but from time to time when the mood strikes her, she does, together with some fancy, golden jewelry, mostly because she finds these looking quite good on her already seductive, racy body and to comfortably store tinies in her clothes or attach them to her jewelry. Despite her beautiful, seductive appearance, Seniya is a dangerous and very deadly being. Massive in size, towering above most mortals, able to make use of magic and very voracious. Anything small enough to be gulped down (if not she can also always make use of her shrinking magic) is considered food for her when she is hungry, having a very large appetite and being quite the glutton at times, stuffing herself with tinies until her tummy slightly bulges and she cannot fit any more into her stomach but even then she could make use of her magic abilities to devour even more, wiping out entire cities if she wants to, even devouring and digesting the very soul of someone, making them a part of her forever. And even if she spares you the fate of her tummy, she will find other ways to use you for her pleasure.

Loving to tease and play with mortals, she will often use her attractive appearance to seduce, manipulate or corrupt mortals, in order to gain something from it. Food, a toy, a devotee, their soul or all of it, whatever brings her happiness. She could even shrink, hide her demonic features and take the appearance of for example a human, elf or any other race/species to live among them in secret. Waiting for the perfect moment to strike, taking them one by one, basically just playing with them as she could also use her immense raw power to crush them all in a whim. Although it happens rarely, the dominant demoness can also be quite gentle and despite being mostly of a selfish nature, genuinely care about someone, even a mortal.


A great picture of my new OC Seniya, done by the sweet :iconthomas-crumb: <3
I mainly created her for roleplaying but I will maybe also write some stories about her, who knows?~ Hope you enjoy! ^-^
142 deviations
Another great render :iconthomas-crumb: did of myself, this time in my succubus form. Even a giantess has her needs and especially a giant succubus, you just have to be a little more... creative~
I hope you enjoy this piece and many thanks again my tasty Thomas ^-^ He is also in the picture, maybe you can find him...

Here you'll get to the uncensored version:


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