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Please read before downloading and/or using my stock and resources.  
By downloading and/or using my stock and resources, you are agreeing to comply with my terms of use.

♦  Always credit and notify me when using my stock
♦ Print-On-Demand prints of art created with my stock are fine
♦ There are conditions for commercial use of my stock
♦  It is strictly forbidden to redistribute my stock

:bulletblue: Credit and Notification
Always credit me if you have used any of my stock via a link to my DeviantArt stock profile sophiaastock and/or a link to my original stock resource. 
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
Always notify me when you have used my resources via a comment on the stock deviation you used with a link to your artwork.
:bulletblue: Prints
You may sell Print-On-Demand prints of your artwork containing my stock. 
(Examples of this are sites such as DeviantArt, Redbubble, Society6, etc.)
For other types of prints, please ask/speak to me first via a note :note: to my DeviantArt stock account.
:bulletblue: External Use
You may share your artwork containing my stock on your personal online websites/portfolios/blogs etc. that are outside of your DeviantArt account.
(Examples of these are sites such as Shadowness, Facebook, Behance, etc.)
You may share your artwork containing my stock in online magazines/tutorials/etc. and you may use my stock for school classes/portfolios/etc.
In all online occasions, always provide a stock attribution displayed clearly near the image that includes a link to my DeviantArt stock profile www.sophiaastock.deviantart.com and please notify me in all occasions both online and offline.
:bulletred: No Redistribution
It is strictly forbidden to redistribute my stock and resources in any way, shape, and form.  The only place where my stock and resources is provided is my DeviantArt stock profile sophiaastock
:bulletblue: Traditional Artwork
If you use my stock as reference for traditional-media artwork (ie. painting, drawing, etc.) and it is purely from your own talent (ie. you did not trace it, use it as a layer to paint over, etc.) then you are free to do as you please with the artwork, commercially, personally, etc.
:bulletblue: Commercial Use
Commercial use refers to printed books, e-books, and merchandise (ie. album covers, clothing, calendars, etc.) that is being sold.  If your book/merchandise is available for free, then you can use my stock for free; credit and notification is still necessary.
For serious commercial inquiries, please contact me at [ SophiaAdalaine @ gmail . com ] with answers to the following:
Who is the author/maker?
Who is the publisher/manufacturer?
Where will it be published/sold?
How much will your item cost?
How many copies will be made?
Can I receive a copy?
:bulletblue: Have Fun and Be Artistically Creative!
Do not use my stock and resources to create intentionally offensive and/or discriminative work (ie. pornographic, hate-related, illegal, etc.) and do not simply change the color or something to my stock –this is DeviantART: we are on an art site, remember?


I hope my stock terms of use stated above are clear.  If you have any questions and need further clarification, please feel free to comment and ask.  I hope you will enjoy and find my stock and resources useful. :heart:

Additionally, here are some other helpful things to note:
:bulletpurple:  FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

:bulletpurple:  FAQ #204: If my print contains an image that isn't mine, can I still use it for print?
:bulletpurple:  I retain all Copyrights of the stock images and resources I provide.
Unless I note otherwise, I am the photographer and usually the model in my stock photos. I am the creator of my stock and resources and thus retain all Copyrights. Having permission to use my stock and resources does not mean you own them.  You have my permission to use my stock and resources if you abide by my terms of use.
:bulletpurple:  My stock is not public domain and no part of my gallery is granted to the public domain.
:bulletpurple:  If the artwork you have made with my stock photo(s)/resources offends me, I reserve the right to have you remove the piece.
That being said, I’m usually pretty lenient: blood, gore, and all those dark pieces are really awesome to me.  I simply do not ever support hate and discriminatory work of any kind; that is just disrespectful and I do not tolerate it.  So you are free to “behead” my models or whatever in your artwork to make lovely macabre things, but do not splice my body with someone else’s head or something similar because you don’t like how the models look on their own; that is considered disrespectful to me.
:bulletpurple:  I provide Unrestricted Stock and Exclusive Stock.
In addition to standard stock, which is the majority of my provided resources, I also provide exclusive and unrestricted stock in my DeviantArt stock account.  Exclusive stock images are available for prizes of contests hosted by fellow artists on DeviantArt; if you have a contest and are looking for prize donations, please feel free to leave me a comment or note. Exclusive stock is also available for purchase, the funds of which I use to create more stock and art; details about how to purchase can be found under the exclusive stock packs.  Exclusive stock follows the same terms of use as standard stock, which is listed above.
Unrestricted stock can be freely used for personal and commercial projects; they still cannot be sold or redistributed as-is.  In my stock account, unrestricted stock is indicated as such in the Artist’s Comments of images, so please be sure to read and take note. 
:bulletpurple:  I have a primary DeviantArt account at sophiaazhou.
If you have a question or matter of utmost importance and I am not responding in a timely fashion on my stock account (because this is my secondary one and I don’t get around to it as much as my primary one) please feel free to contact me via note :note: to sophiaazhou

Above all, I hope you will have fun and be creative, and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment and ask. :meow:
Yours strangely,

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