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Milk it does a body good

"Milk it does a body good" used by The National Dairy Council to promote milk for over 2 decades...
controversy arose from medical journal article about the calories in milk (ABC News)
The Humor of this piece resides within the fact Jade Macalla doesn't like milk ;) but his body does look good! :nod:
Disclaimer: This is purely a mock-up and is not intended as advertizing or support of any campaigns ... Mr Macalla's pose simply reminded me of the all the milk mustached performers in those ads!

Model:`jademacalla [link]
Milk:~4t0m1c-w07f [link]
Room:~Amaviael [link]
Textures for all and floor:`FantasyStock [link]

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Well, it stands to reason that calves get REALLY big REALLY fast while on mothers milk so there has to be some major calories in milk. period. Sure, I like it ice cold (preferably with chocolate chip cookies to dunk in it :cookie::cookie: :iconyummyplz:) but in all the years I've drank milk I've never had a body even close to resembling Mr. Macalla's! :rofl:
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I am another one who can't drink milk, but I love ice cream and cheese...can't have them much but love them!
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Lol.. Great job !! I'm one of those that can't drink milk only with cereal but I switched to eating oatmeal now only milk I have is in ice cream :boogie: :party:
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I like it ice cream too :giggle:
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Aaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh... It's surprising how much I dislike milk. :D But this is a cool image!
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Ahh I have been there! so I understand! :nod: Thank you very much!! =D
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