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As technology advances many suggestions have been made for our future...including technology letting computers read minds, AI (Artificial Intelligene), and cyborg...
There have been amazing advance in science and medicine that have enable us to go from carving on stone to using computers to sharing information.
As well as, Antibiotics saved millions millions simple diseases.
However, there is a dark side to advances in technology, science and medication...
Agent Orange was made as a herbaside to help farmers,  but later used in war to maim and kill.
The atomic and nuclear energy caused thousands deaths in Japan and Russia
Thalidomide for morning sickness causes birth defects
What I really want you to consider is this simple concept:
Just because we can do something should we always do it or should we consider ethical values including  human rights and potential harm?

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Very complicated question :D Great concept Sophia!
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Softly smiles...yes it is but with the speed at which technology and science is going IO think people need to stop and think ... China and England are working toward genetically modifying human DNA (for prevention of problems opens other not so innocent possibilities) , AI is advancing but although AI can almost pass the "human" test studies have shown it's at the intelligence level of a 3rd grader for reason complex issues...other are suggesting going beyond wrist watches to chip in the brain since we already have medical devices connected to the internet in our bodies for the heart and insulin pumps ...the possibilities are wide...the scary part about the chips and devices relates to the fact we have yet to find a way to prevent hackers from gaining access to government, corporate and even children's toys what prevents a hacker from gaining access to medical or communication devices in implanted chip set. mindboggleplz 
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I agree but I am waiting with baited breath for gene therapy, as it is the only thing that could cure me :D
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I understand...I know of many diseases and genetic disorders gene therapy has the potential to heal... I actually support gene therapy but I have concerns at genetically modifying eggs or fertilized eggs prior to In vitro fertilisation.I see the potential for too much harm
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Well it's a long way off I think, genes are very complicated :D
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I hope so but China and the UK area already testing!
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