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Thank you all the refugees for mass raping my people especially children. You're a true hero.
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New research from 18th November 2016, Just 13% of Migrants in Europe Fleeing War, Study Finds 

Published in Brussels on Tuesday, the study discovered that 53.1 percent of the migrants questioned claimed to be emigrating for economic reasons, 20.5 percent for political reasons and a mere 13.7 percent stated they were escaping from war.
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Kill them. Parasite deserve to die, seig heil!
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refugees welcome for free sterilization :D
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ctrl c image from google, pictures "refugees welcome" , shrink it, call it stamp, congratulation you made an art!

ou are very talented  Clap :D (Big Grin) 
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That's why this "art" is in a place called "scraps".
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So you are posting scrap to various groups.
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No, I'm posting a stamp to groups, as scrap so they dont clog up my main galley. 
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I'm suppose your not french?
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That not quite true, many countries including Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland and of course the US are becoming less welcoming daily.  In the US, I'd welcome them much more if the rich paid for them instead of tax money paying for them and the rich getting richer off them.
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They are welcomed anywhere, but the cowards in power and the thugs without brains wont let them.
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Funny, but not true.  The people in power want them in the US as voters and cheap labor for rich people.  The poor here don't because work is hard to find now and adding people to the job market makes things harder for the people already living there.
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I wasn't meaning the US specifically, but in Europe what i said is pretty much accurate. 
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Are you really this stupid to let people with barbaric beliefs into Europe?
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The five refugees I know so far, and the ones that live in my village but don't know personally, have never shown any problematic beliefs so far. You're trying to say people should be judged about by someone who don't even know them. And you call other people stupid for not being prejudiced.
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This is going to piss off a bunch of isis white knights...
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