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1. Copy the List, and a link to this deviation into your journal so people can see that you are in the challenge. When you have done one of the themes you can put a link to your deviation right next to the god's or goddess's name so everyone can see which themes you have done.
2. You can interpret the themes how ever you want.
3. You don't have to draw if you don't want to. It can be photographs, poetry, stories, crafts or whatever you want, as long as it's made by you. If you do photomanipulations using art made by others you need to have permission and give proper credit of course.
4. One creature for every picture/photo/whatever.
5. They can be done in whatever order you choose, and there's no time limit.
6. Write in the comments for your artwork that it's part of the challenge, what theme it is, and add a link to this deviation.

100 Gods-Goddesses Challenge

1. Baldr -
2. Freyr -
3. Heimdall -…
4. Loki -
5. Odin -
6. Thor -
7. Týr -ýr
8. Víðarr -ð…
9. Freyja -
10. Frigg -
11. Hel -…
12. Iðunn -ðu…
13. Sif -
14. Skaði -ð…
15. Ukko - (Finnish mythology)
16. Tapio -…
17. Vellamo -
18. Mielikki -
19. Kalma -…
20. Kuu -
21. Zeus -
22. Hera -
23. Poseidon -
24. Demeter -
25. Athena -
26. Dionysus -
27. Apollo -
28. Artemis -
29. Ares -
30. Aphrodite -…
31. Hephaestus -…
32. Hermes -
33. Hades -
34. Hebe -…
35. Helios -
36. Selene -
37. Eos -
38. Persephone -…
39. Eros -
40. Iris -…
41. Hypnos -
42. Morpheus -…
43. Pan -…
44. Anubis -
45. Bastet -…
46. Hathor -
47. Horus -
48. Isis -
49. Maahes -
50. Maat -
51. Monthu -
52. Nephthys -
53. Nu -…
54. Osiris -
55. Ra -
56. Sekhmet -
57. Sobek -
58. Set -…
59. Thoth -
60. Seshat -
61. Vishnu -
62. Brahma -…
63. Shiva -
64. Indra -
65. Durga -
66. Ganesha -
67. Hanuman -
68. Kali -
69. Varuna -
70. Parvati -
71. Saraswati -…
72. Lakshmi -
73. Rama -
74. Krishna -
75. Cernunnos -…
76. Epona -
77. Jade Emperor -…
78. Amaterasu -…
79. Tsukuyomi -…
80. Susanoo -
81. Fujin -…
82. Raijin -
83. Inari -…
84. Quetzalcoatl -…
85. Tezcatlipoca -…
86. Tlaloc -
87. Centeotl -
88. Mictlantecuhtli -…
89. Mixcoatl -
90. Xiuhtecuhtli -…
91. Xochipilli -…
92. Xochiquetzal -…
93. Chalchiuhtlicue -…
94. Whaitiri -
95. Tangaroa -
96. Anansi -
97. Baron Samedi -…
98. Papa Legba -…
99. Erzulie -…
100. Ghede Nibo -…
I made this challenge for two reasons:
1. Sometimes you have an art block and have no idea what to draw or write.
2. Drawing 100 pictures will get you lots of practice = getting better at drawing :D

This is yet another art challenge inspired by AngieChild -… , and her challenge was inspired by Fanfic100… :giggle:

It took me a long time with lots of work to gather this list, but it's finally finished!

Note: I have used Wikipedia for my search and nothing else because I just wanted to be able to point to who I'm talking about. If Wikipedia's information isn't enough; go to the library or search the web.

My other 100 Theme Challenges
100 Flavors Challenge:…
100 Creatures Challenge:…
44 Desserts Challenge:…

Please give me proper credit, link back to this deviation. And it would be nice of you to fav it if you're going to use it, but you don't have to ;P I'd appreciate you telling me if you're doing this challenge though. I want to see what you make of it! Have fun! :la:
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piinar Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've done a few monthly challenges and found a LOT of them while trying to pick what to do, but this is pretty interesting. I might give this a try when I have the chance. Thanks for creating & sharing :)
Sootness Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
Great! I hope you have fun if you decide to give it a try! :la:
piinar Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did! I mean I started doing it  :D (Big Grin)  And it's really fun and very challenging as well! You can find them on my profile if you would like to take a look Hug 
Sootness Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018
Yay that's great! :la: I love your art style! :D
If you want to show me any future challenge-pics, just Mention me in the comment when you post it (Deviant and Art Mentions) and it'll appear in my notifications :D
piinar Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will do! Didn't know about the mention thingie, thanks :D (Big Grin) 
Larrythesmoker Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
oh dear this will take some time to do Too tired for this 
CottonCandu Featured By Owner Edited Aug 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I guess I'll try to do this but if I fail I will try again but if I keep failing then I'm going to work on my drawing skills so I can try again 
Sootness Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017
Don't worry about failing! Doing a challenge like this will be the same as working on your drawing skills, so no need to do that before starting :D And the goal is to have fun :) No work and all play, that's the best way to draw I feel! :la:
KayKandy8 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017
Sorry but I'm lazy so I'm not going to do it but I admire your effort to do 100:happybounce: La la la la :happybounce: 
Sootness Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017
I don't think I'll ever finish all my projects but I will have lots of fun trying! :la:
RandomnessRandom Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
*grabs all percy jackson books and lays them on table with paper and pencil* let's begin
Sootness Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017
Wooo! :la:
dgirl4569 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Student General Artist
This is going to be fun!!!
TailsTurtonator Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have nothing to really do so...
monster1023 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is my folder of what I have so far:… It's so fun!
NAJ4T Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Tangaroa is my favorite God out of this list :heart:
Sootness Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017
KeizerHarm Featured By Owner Edited Jun 20, 2017
Ok, so there's Nordic, Finnic, Hellenic, Egyptian, Indian, Japanese, Aztec, Polynesian, Haitian... no Mesopotamian? :'( Left out my favourite mythology :(
Sootness Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017
Sadly there's far too many gods and goddesses in the world to fit all I wanted in the 100 ^^; Had to leave out so many! The poor things are sitting all alone in my text-file where I gathered up lots and lots before I picked 100 :)
KeizerHarm Featured By Owner Edited Jul 4, 2017
Heh, but surely someone like Fukko, basically Finnish Thor, is way less interesting than a deity like Ninkasi, the goddess of beer? =P
Sootness Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017
:rofl: Well, I'm half Finnish and I'm not very fond of the flavour of beer, but you're right, Ninkasi is very interesting :XD:
KeizerHarm Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017
Hehe, ok, that's two valid reasons :)
SpringSeabastial Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this looks awesome! I definitely want to do this, but I'm doing so many things right now I'm not sure when I'll be able to get to this one or your desserts one. Not only that, but I have to practice drawing people first...... is it ok if I do this at a later date?
Sootness Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
You can do it whenever you want :la: There's no time limit! :D
StephenGameKid Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Sootness Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017
You're welcome! :la:
SpringSeabastial Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, thank you so much! Welp, best get practicing on drawing humans when I can XD
Sootness Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017
Have fun! :la:
SpringSeabastial Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll try my best!
freddiidraws Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I´m so exited to start doing this :)
Sootness Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Kittylover22stuff Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well then...
i need something to do anyways :)
Pendragon-Arts Featured By Owner Edited Feb 2, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I really like this idea but wow, 100, holy smokes bat man! lolol... If I do this, I will need aloooot of time! You kind of have to immerse yourselves into the worlds and cultures of the gods in order to create, it's definitely interesting and I love mythology. :3 Does the one I did already of Freyja count? :D Oh and Freyja would also count as Frigg, :D I think some Asian gods would be a nice addition, like the Japanese gods of creation, Izanami and Izanagi or Inari, the fox and rice goddess.. lots to draw from from such epic and ancient cultures too. :)
Sootness Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016
Frigg and Freyja doesn't seem to be the same person, though scholars have theories about whether Freyja and Frigg might stem from a single goddess common among the Germanic peoples :)

I do have some asian gods/goddesses in the list, but I couldn't fit many since there are so many gods/goddesses all over the world :) There were several I wanted to add but who had to be left out to make room for others :D
Pendragon-Arts Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Oh wow.... so glad you wrote... completely forgot about this... shame on me!!! This is a great quick link that I find sums things up, if you are interested. :D and lol... so many! You are absolutely right! People debate, scholars argue, lol.. non of us were there, ha ha... we can only do so much to keep searching, learning and growing.  Thank you so much responding and reminding me!……
Sootness Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016
Thank you for the links! :) It seems the person who made those websites is of the sort that believes some scholars but not others and instead of saying things like "it might be like this" he instead states as facts the things he feel is more likely, so I can't really believe him and will go with what my Swedish books and Wikipedia states, though the images are lovely! :)

I'm from Scandinavia so we learned about norse mythology in school :) It's actually still a living religion, but very very very few belong to it nowadays :) I wonder if I'm the only one feeling sad that religions fade away because I feel sorry for all the gods and goddesses who are forgotten ^^;
Pendragon-Arts Featured By Owner Edited Feb 22, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Oh yesh, I know it is...  ;) and it think it's wonderful to share ideas and thoughts on things and to discuss them too! That's how we keep learning and evolving as individuals. I too love what bits and pieces of cultures and they mythos past we can find and salvage. I think of the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria as a perfect example of just how much richness we have lost.  I think you make a very valid point about the link's author and the article. I used it as just a quick reference. TBH, I wouldn't trust Wiki either if a person is more skeptical and analytical. For that I would rely on hard science and the substantiated soft sciences and look more into archaeology and anthropology articles and books along with the more academic interpretations of the Eddas.  Wiki can never be used in a academic papers as a bibliographical source, though it's pretty great for common and every day use. I love it.  That's awesome that you have such an amazing and rich heritage to draw from! Many of us that are pagan, heathen, etc... along with other other religions outside the Judeo/Christian/Muslim mainstream admire the great movement and publicity Iceland is getting now too. It's great to meet you and chat with you! :D
Sootness Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016
I prefer reading thing by people who aren't really interested in trying to get others to believe what they believe happened, and instead are very interested in everything about the topic and therefore mentions all kinds of thoughts on the matter lots of people have :) The more info the better, I feel! :D Though just as the Wiki can't be trusted, so can't anything else be trusted either :) So many people leave out things and shade their words on purpose to make people lean towards their idea instead of other ideas, and it's hard to know who do stuff like that and who doesn't :) For example, you'd think you could trust the foreword of the old Swedish translation of Lord of the Rings, where the translator who is a very well known and respected person in literary circles writes a few words about Tolkien and his books, but actually he wrote lies to make himself look good :XD:

Yes, it's sad that so much history have been lost, and it's even sadder that so much of it has been lost due to people destroying it on purpose. Reminds me of children who kicks over sand castles. Some people just can't stand letting things be. They need to destroy to be happy :o

I must have missed what's going on in Iceland, but life has been extremely hectic for a long time now so I rarely watch any news ^^; What's happening over there? Something good I hope? :)
StickyTheLunatic Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Student General Artist
I'm going to try it, it's sounds interesting. :happybounce: 
madsmcbride Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Author-To-Be Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This sounds like a challenge for PicktreeBrag!
PicktreeBrag Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I ACCEPT! It shall be done!
Lachiell Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
1. Please, change Loki's name to his real name Loke!
2. Challenge accepted! :D
Sootness Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
I'm Swedish and here we call him Loke, but we don't say Thor or Odin either, but those you want me to keep? ;)

Actually, I'm using links to Wikipedia so I'm using the names they use :) I have to keep it uniform :)
Rakjah Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Oh my god ! That's awesome ! I'll do it !
straightjacketamity1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i must try this
Sierra-G Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
Aw Hades, this would actually do me some good! My  Suitor's Seven comic requires me to draw my own interpretations of gods from a lot of different polytheistic religions, may as well give it a whirl!
Shadyshadowcat Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my, that is a lot
*scrolls down*
he is my favorite god. :3
Sootness Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
He's one of my favs too :) I've always had a soft spot for any water related mythological people and creatures :D
Shadyshadowcat Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Poseidon rules! >w<
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