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This is the Official Masterlist Account for all Sushi Dogs and Cats! 
This includes Chital , spikedpeach , Guest Artist, and MYO designs.

If you are interested in learning more about Sushi Dogs as a species, please check out the Main Group!


Sushi Dogs ® 2013 - 2018 Chital . All Rights Reserved.


:bulletpink: My Sushi Dog isn't listed here, where is it?!

It is the responsibility of each Sushi Dog owner to make sure their Sushi Dog is listed in the Database. To do this, one needs to make a submission via comment on the Database Registration Journal. Be sure to read the submission requirements!

:bulletblue: How do I notify the Database that I have traded my Sushi Dog?

Please comment on the Sushi Dog's specific deviation with the name of the person you traded them to. Once they comment to confirm the trade, we'll update the ownership!

:bulletpink: My Sushi Dog's design has been updated, how do I get it changed on the Database?

If you have an approved redesign please comment on the Sushi Dog's specific deviation with a picture of the new design and the name of the artist if it was redesigned. It'll be changed the next time the Database is updated. If you do not have an approved redesign just yet, just note SushiDogs !

:bulletblue: Why is my Sushi Dog's owner listed as SooshDatabase?

When a Sushi Dog is listed under the Masterlist account name, it means we're not entirely sure who currently owns them and we are acting as temporary guardians. If one of your Sushi Dogs is listed under SooshDatabase, please note the account with proof of ownership! This, however, cannot be done to Sushi Dogs whose status as a Sushi Dog as been revoked.

:bulletpink: What's the difference between a retired Sushi Dog and revoked Sushi Dog?

When a Sushi Dog is retired, their current owner has asked that their Sushi Dog is no longer recognized as a Sushi Dog. Instead, it becomes a regular dog design. A Sushi Dog who has had their status as a Sushi Dog revoked is similar in that the design is no longer recognized as a Sushi Dog. The difference is that the Moderators have had to step in; this usually only occurs when rules regarding Sushi Dog ownership are repeatedly broken.

:bulletblue: How often is the Database updated?

The database is updated every Monday and Friday, by our two lovely database mods respectively! Keep in mind that those who update it may experience Real Life situations that delay it. If the Database has not been updated within a one week period, please notify the main group via note!

:bulletpink: How is the Soosh of the Month chosen?

At present, it's an entirely random selection made by those who update the Database. At some point in the future, we may open up polls for member involvement in the selection process!

:bulletblue: I have questions not answered here!

Feel free to send us a quick note or if it's more general, just leave a comment! We give you a response as fast as our little paws can go!


Hello there! 

This is the current database of all known Sushi Dogs!

We are some new sooshes in town and have a lot of sprucing up to do! So please stick around, grab a cup of tea, and don't mind the mess!

Paw Bullet Light Blue (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Heart Roll Bullet by kicked-in-teeth Paw Bullet Pink (Outline) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
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