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Still behind with reading comments and viewing new deviations... Getting busier with my international trading business and management consulting firm--which is a good sign for some growing companies.  I'll be on the road soon visiting clients and hopefully getting a chance to explore new places (with my camera gear).

A friend used to manage a youth soccer training camp which I assisted as a marketing consultant until his retirement.  Hundreds of used team jerseys were already donated to public schools and non-profit soccer organizations for children.  We still have some matching team uniforms and individual jerseys and shorts available.  They are for youth players between ages of 5 to 11 and are in good condition.  Please contact me if you know any school or organization in your area (within the USA) that may be interested in these free items.

Just received my 2009 commission check from deviantART today.  Thanks again to everyone that have purchased my print(s) Sooper-Deviant.deviantart.com/… last year--which generated $226.66 in profit.  This entire fund will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital www.stjude.org along with my hair to Locks of Love--an organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

Last but not least, my gratitude to Christopher for his generous gift of an unexpected subscription.

Thank you for your visit, comments and features.
Eat well, exercise often, live honorably, respect nature, and be happy!  :peace:

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Mom And Tot Sea Lions Singing by shutterbugmom  :thumb151305125:   Playful by MASOCHO
glance. by bezosjecajna   Wet Net by artstarter   Maersk III by webworm
Wheeeeee by escaped-emotions  :thumb152740338:   Regal Fox by Wild-Soul   Frozen Refreshment by Elvandia
Dream by SouLitta   Tigr2 by zeldis  :thumb152577408:
Good Morning L.A. by AndySerrano  :thumb148525284:   FIST by love-buzz
Yours and mine by EuphoricCharisma   The Jester's Hat of milk by La-Vita-a-Bella   primordial race II by lisalyn   Umbrellas by llama-in-the-hat
Old barn by ChristineAmat  :thumb55008816:   Cloudscape by danUK86
:thumb149204375:   A hard rose by Hamavito   The Monster by Mistoffelees-Shadow
:thumb149458731:   Tiger side by scoot75   Shadow - Acrylic painting by Lynne-Abley-Burton  :thumb150396058:  
Dry Me out by overstimlutaion   The Eagle by Sagittor   Capitol after a snow by obviologist
   Winter 5 by momary  :thumb148490848:
Upstream by sappygolucky   Tear You Apart by Kaeldra-1  :thumb147583467:   Cairns Birdwing Butterfly by Tazzy-
Old house wilksport line by PeterDeBurger   On the Edge of an Ice Field by papatheo  :thumb152623565:
Iceland - the big blue by PatiMakowska   Angel of Death by NadilynBeato   The Boathouse Ulswater 194-9d by Haywood-Photography
Too Much Heaven by ChrissieCool  :thumb139445017:   Unknown by Kimmilichan  :thumb147658258:
Seattle by shell4art   Blue Tit 5 by cycoze   Jasper Storm by rachaelm5
The Old Elephant by carterr   READY TO LAND by Sandy33311   Highland Manor by Rebacan
The Adoration of the Cormorant by JAHarrell    Reach for the Light by loveforRuka   Glass Wave by robbobert   no comment by doriefs


F.A.Q. :confused:

I'm a painter/sketch artist, may I use your photo(s) as reference?
:) Feel free to use my non-stock photos as reference to your traditional and/or digital drawings/paintings.  Please send me a link to your finished work, I'd like to see your interpretation.

Can I use your images as stock or for photo-manipulation, web design, web blog, or other personal/school/work projects?
:) No, this gallery contains no stock images.  All my photographs are copyrighted and may not be altered, printed or published in any media and/or format.  

What type of cameras and/or lenses do you use?
:) Here's a sooper.deviantart.com/art/Phot… to my photo gear.  Specific equipment info can be found beneath each photograph found in this gallery.

Do you work at zoos or state/national parks?
:) No, I operate my own international trading business.  Photography is a passion and serious hobby.  

How do you get such clear shots through glass without glares/reflections?
:) You can read more about my simple technique here sooper-deviant.deviantart.com/… in STEP 4

How do you take shots through vertical-wire or chain-link fences?
:) You can read more about my simple technique here sooper-deviant.deviantart.com/… in STEP 6

Why do you have watermarks all over your photos?
:) Because they are my photos, not yours!  

What do the four-digit numbers in your image titles mean?
:) They are original image file numbers from my cameras (IMG_2005, IMG_2006, IMG_2007, IMG_2008, etc.) and kept as reference for easy search in my personal photo archive.


Little Moments... 9282 by Sooper-Deviant   Norwegian Fjord Horse 0619 by Sooper-Deviant   Gentle Grip 5070 by Sooper-Deviant
© 2010 - 2021 Sooper-Husky
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It's great that the money was donated to a worthy cause but, and please don't get me wrong (as I'm all for the charity to humans) wouldn't it be nice to donate to Siberian Husky charities or general dog charities? Husky rescue centres in many states have had to shut their doors because they cannot afford to care for the amount of huskies that are being dumped. Just a thought :)
ijuju's avatar
I love your pics
PeachesandCream0808's avatar
I''m Just~Passing Through..:sprint:..(:nod:)..
Leave You With My Comments---Regarding...
'Hill Top 0393'..Bear;-A Male Bi-Eyed~Siberian Husky.
"My Comments:"...
The-(Male)-Husky Is An..Much-Beautiful~Husky:aww:!
*How Old Is The Male-Husky?-{(Just Wondering:nod:.)}
Have A Great Week:)!
Good Day8-)!
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:wow: Many thanks for the feature my friend =D I'm so honored :aww:

...and Sorry for the late reply ;)
loveforRuka's avatar
Wow thank you so much for the feature I'm honored!
deseonocturno's avatar
Thanks for the feauture !! =D
Wild-Soul's avatar
Thank You very much for the feature!! :glomp:
bezosjecajna's avatar
thank you so much :hug:

what a beautiful selection :D

and yes, its always nice to see people willing to help others.. thank you for that :aww:
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RooCat's avatar
Nice features you are sharing with us. Thanks.
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Thank you so much for the feature! :hug: =D
CandiceSmithPhoto's avatar
awesome that you help out with so many causes :) It's kind of refreshing to hear that people still manage to give back so much...it sucks when all you hear is the bad stuff.

Great selection of features too.
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hey there, good luck with all the tons of work you have, its nice to see your gallery like this, and nice to see that you let people use your photos too (shows how kind you are). well anyways, bye :)
BrianFIN's avatar
Thanks! I'm so honored!! Seriously!! :)
PridesCrossing's avatar
Excellent featured work!!
JAHarrell's avatar
Thank you for including my deviation in your feature I appreciate it.
llama-in-the-hat's avatar
Thank you for the feature. It means a lot :D
To-Dream-of-Wolves's avatar
I love your photos. :nod: :rose:
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:iconthxfav1::iconthxfav2::iconthxfav3::iconthxfav4: on Good Morning L.A.</B> I've always admired skyscrapers and, as a child, thought they symbolized our highest aspirations. I'm very honored you featured this in your journal. I placed a link pointing back to your journal from under "Good Morning L.A." [link]
SouLitta's avatar
Oh! such a beatuful selection! And thank U feature! I'm proud to be a part of this...
jaffacakesandpopcorn's avatar
Hey Sooper! :D Thankyou so much for featuring me, it always means a lot, but especially coming from someone as respected as you! so thankyou! :)
La-Vita-a-Bella's avatar
Kudos to you for all your generosity! :w00t:
And thank you for including me in your feature! :glomp:
misstress16's avatar
awww your so sweet wit those kids X3 :heart: and im glad finally your goin to get your work goin on thats is so cool
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