I'm a depressed Godzilla fan.
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My Bio

I'm a depressed, melancholic, and autistic Godzilla fan who has OCD. As a longtime (but not giant) fan of Godzilla, I only like the Japanese ones made by Toho. The American ones by Legendary are really their own thing.

I'm not a bad person. I just wish I could change more often. I regret making mistakes and disrespecting people after I realize about what I do. I wish to beg for forgiveness, but I obsess over begging for it. It makes me feel really bad. I want people to respect me for who I am. The whole COVID pandemic is making me feel down too.

Favourite Movies
A majority of the Japanese Godzilla movies, Star Wars, several Disney movies, a few Marvel movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Iron Giant, Shrek
Favourite TV Shows
Homestar Runner, The Loud House, Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, The Owl House, Gravity Falls, Dragon Ball Z, Evangelion, Family Guy, Teen Titans 2003, Spongebob Squarepants, TMNT 2003, My Life As A Teenage Robot, Pokemon, Sailor Moon
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, The Cars, Guns n Roses, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Outfield, XTC, Johnny Cash, several national anthems
Favourite Books
DC and Marvel comics, Shonen Jump manga
Favourite Games
Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Marvel Vs Capcom, Injustice, King Of Fighters, Super Mario 64, Capcom Vs SNK
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii
I've been depressed for so long. It's been almost two months. What's the meaning of life? You can never go back to fix your mistakes. You can only move forward, and try your best to let it go and cope with it. It doesn't feel that way for me. Anything is possible.
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I'm sorry, Doom

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DoomBerryArt, after I read this a couple times, I finally (and sadly) realized about what I have done. I'm sorry I made you feel anxious and feel like shit. I'm sorry I obsessed over Godzilla. I'm sorry I berated you. I'm sorry for how I've been behaving. I know that I can control it. I know how you feel. When I make people feel like shit, I feel like shit myself. I did indeed have a public mental breakdown, and I went to urgent care a few days later. I realized I was taking my meds wrong for a while. I even got a call from my family last night that my cat died a week and a half ago! This was mainly because I felt heartbroken over the fact that you refused to draw or talk about Godzilla. It made me enter depression and melancholy. I understand that you try to be gentle, and never want to make friends with people on DeviantArt or Pixiv. I also understand that you're not a warm or friendly person, and that you admit that you're an asshole, not a therapist, a family member, or
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Honestly I just want your advice on how to get more "page views!"

To be honest, I don't know. I can't really give advice too well either, because I'm autistic.

Hi what's up?

What about it?

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