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Minecraft's Creed

I built this cathedral on my friend's private server, it is inspired from the game Assassin's Creed.

The cathedral is used as a parkour map, with build-in command block reward system and checkpoint anti-cheat system. There's also a combination lock that opens up a hole to the secret basement.

I exported the build and uploaded it onto a online 3D model preview website
you can go check it out here:

You can also download the map here:…

Minecraft 1.7+ with Conquest texturepack
Map cleanup in MCEdit, exported with Mineways, unwrapped UV in ZBrush, baked various textures in 3ds Max, final texture compositing in Photoshop, preview picture rendered with Marmoset Toolbag.
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I have also created own version of this building.
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Hey I really like this. I'm looking for a builds server. Is there any way I could join you guys and get white listed. I implore you to look at some of my past work I my gallery.
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I love the rounded parts. Looks very natural.
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Impressive! Love it :D
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your work is very impressive
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Wow... The detail is incredible!
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very nice! it's some of these more rounded designs that i've been trying to figure out more on my building. i really want to see more people make these kinds of steps in their work. when you make the roofing, do you do the inside first or last?
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I make half a section of the hall or a quarter of the dome first, from exterior to interior. And then I just copy and paste, rotate, or flip the sections using worldedit for the rest of the build. After that, I start joining up the sections, adding furnitures and finish up the interiors.  The parkour and other mechanisms were added last.
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Must be a parkour map....

Challenge accepted.... :iconchallengeacceptedplz:
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that must of taken forever!!
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Nicely done dude ! :D
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