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:bulletblue: Paypal only. - Please bare with me as I learn how to use it.
:bulletgreen: Please send your commission in a note with the subject "Commission" - Please provide references to the character, and a short description of what you want, ie; atmosphere/situation, possible pose. I will do my best to work with you on making the commission something I am capable of doing.
:bulletblue: Please understand that I have the right to refuse any commission request.
:bulletgreen: Fanarts are allowed. However, the personality of the character must remain respected. I will likely not do any crossovers, but don't be afraid to ask anyway. I might be intrigued by your idea.
:bulletblue: My commissions will be traditionally drawn/colored.
-My scanner is currently not working. I will work on fixing it soon/or purchase a new one when I have the money.


(do not be afraid to ask if you're unsure if your commission request meets these limitations, the worst that will happen is that I will say no.)

  • I will not draw excessive nudity, yaoi/yuri, gore.
  • No furries, androids, mechas.
  • Anything demeaning/offensive to a race/culture/gender/character.


:bulletred: I will require a 50% prepayment once I send you the draft of your commission through a note. The remaining 50% must be paid once I post the final product. - Failure to pay will result to you being added to a blacklist, meaning I'll no longer take commissions from you. IF you are seriously unable to pay, note me and we will work something out.
:bulletred: All prices are in USD.

:bulletyellow:Each additional character is half the price of the first.:bulletyellow:

Headshot/bust - $4
Waist up - $6
Full body - $8
Detailed/Background - $10


Base colors - $6
Basic shading - $8
Brown Paper with white highlights, colored eyes and basic shading - $10
Detailed - $14
Brown Paper detailed - $14
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June 22, 2015
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