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dragon tattoo

By sooj
wow, ok so heres a brave, dedicated man named Byron.
he travel quite far to see me so i feel special.
he wanted an oriental dragon on his back and he let me do whatever.
i knew straight away what i wanted to do, so i just sketched it on with a pen first and then away we went.
done in 5 and half days. will update later when the new greys have settled down more. cheers!
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wow! luckly, he let your creativity flow!
inkslinger42's avatar
nice work. what tattoo shop do you work at?
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Cheers :) i work as a cosmetic tattooist by day an tattooist by night in perth australia.
Yukihana-chan013's avatar
i love it!!!!! i'm not really into tatoos but yours are just WAY to AMAZING to ignore~~!!!
JairoTattoo's avatar
pretty shady !!!!!!!!!!!!!
mistakendestiny's avatar
wow. that's pretty cool, uh. nice workzorz ^_~
ang3ll's avatar
damn! What a magnificent work! o_O
Seems like yo had a personal playground... and it ended up looking awesome!
sooj's avatar
thankyou and yeah playground indeed!!! cheers
Hello Sooj Thanks for putting my back tattoo up on your page :)

You rock Girl Hope your well say hello to every one down there
Byron the Tattooed dude!!
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WaffleFetish's avatar
Seamless blend of old east and new west. It's a shame the guy's tribal couldn't have been blended out of the scene completely, though.

What are you using for shading? 9's, 7's? Bug pin or long taper? Your shading is such a smooth blend...
sooj's avatar
thankyou, yeah ppl and silly tattoos ah well.
i used a 11 magnum. long taper. the ink was a mix of my own.
Frazzled-Niya's avatar
that is really awesome.
uterly cool... i like it i like it a LOT
shirke's avatar
holy damn, amazing. Splendid work, just splendid.
goober's avatar
That is pretty damn amazing. Need to commission you to do my next tattoo... or at least the design. Can't afford to fly all the way out there to have you do it, unfortunately. ;)
sooj's avatar
^_^ hello! one day ill be travelling the world! and ill tattoo you
goober's avatar
That would be TOTALLY AWESOME!
Kurisiti's avatar
Damn; that must have taken forever to do...Tis a brave man;I couldn't have done it. T.T It came so beautiful!
Tashiya-sama's avatar
WOW~~~ Amazing~ I think I might need to come to you to get my neck tattoo~ I love the flower on his neck~ Great job!!!
Inspirrational's avatar
I don't want a tattoo like this, but I know I REALLY want tattoos now. Goodness...
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