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Why some people think if i draw fat animals, then i certainly have sinful thoughts about them? And people who draw normal ones, havent?

("Fat fetish" are anyway tecnically incorrect concept, nobody talks "they have red wine fetish" to people who like red wine more than white wine)
I have made invite link what "Never expire:"
✿ RULES: ✿
❀ The 10 first people who comments on this journal will get featured
❀ I will choose between 3 to 5 deviations from their gallery, and tell why I like them
❀ If you comment, please copy-paste the rules to a journal on your page, and feature me in the first slot!
❀ The idea is to spread art around, not to get free features!!

#1: CreativeCocoaCookie

WIP - Majestic by CreativeCocoaCookie
First i remember, the base for "finish it by yourself" meme on FB. Lot of fun, but lack of participants.

We will always be here by CreativeCocoaCookie
Classics. This episode aired at very same day with my 10th wedding anniversary.

Cocoa Cookie by CreativeCocoaCookie
A good local estonian OC. Im not remember have i used it somewhere on my pictures as background character but i use it very likely in future. If owner allow it.

That result of a meme, sent by :iconetysky:

 1.- Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA for 20 seconds. 
You like ponies XD

 2.- Tell you a color you remind me of. 

 3.- Tell you an element I think you belong to (e.g.: water, fire, earth, air, etc.)

 4.- Tell you what character you remind me of.(anime,manga,movies,books,etc.)
I have no idea.

 5.- Ask you a question, and you must answer.
Favourite show besides mlp?

 6.- Tell you something that I like about you. 
Youre estonian brony.

 7.- Tell you what I'd say if we woke up in the same bed.
How did you get here? Wanna bake cake?

 8.- Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of. 
Cookies :P (Lick)

 9.- Guess your gender
Youre male.

 10.- Tell you to put this on your journal
Do it.…

Finally all Outlaws characters, what i was made and find in computer, are hosted in Sooblipesa. If somebody makes maps for Outlaws, there will download my characters.
"Fillyjonk's new pet" updated: added better grass aon 30x21 dimensions.
Fillyjonk's new pet by Soobel
"Fillyjonks new pet" edited: added better grass and 30x21 dimensions…:
User Neos429 are stolen some of my photomorphs:………

What we do with thiefs?
Somebody ask me: "What is Outlaws?"

Finally i make a video with my own characters. Its a bit bloody and horrible like other shooter games, but creatures are cute.

Watch video:…
I update that picture of glass-painting:…

Winter is coming, maybe i do more photos about my glass-painting and lanterns.
Administrators moved my walking seafilly onto scraps...
Now i delete it.
I lost nothing, now you may see it trough webcam.
My picture "Fat seafilly"… is updated, i find better scenery behind she.

And "Musician"… is updated, i changes Ashy-Stock with Fillyjonk.