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Hey everyone!

So a really interesting idea was presented to me and I thought it sounded like fun, so I'm gonna give it a try!

Many of you have made a SoO OC, right? Well, as you know, the OCs can't get much screen time (some of them haven't gotten ANY yet), but generally I have noticed you guys put a lot of care into them and heck..they're all great characters, so.....

Let's set them up on blind dates with each other!

In spirit of Valentines Day coming up in a little over a month :D :D

-- Submit your SoO OC by posting a ref pic of them in the comments section
-- Look at the other OCs submitted and decide which character you want to put on a date with yours!
-- DRAW it! :D
-- Be respectful. I'm watching >__>
-- Submit your drawing to group so we all can see!

I will toss in a few of my characters  as well! But I will keep it a surprise..depending on who signs up ;D-- no one will be left behind on my watch!

(idea for this event credited to :iconlear-is-not-amused:)


1. Serpents of Old Fan Character - Mirabet by Lear-is-not-amused
2. Serpants of Old Fan character - Danrean by Lear-is-not-amused
3. Serpents of Old OC - Rewald Rewalt by BattlePyramid
4. Serpents of Old (OC) by Vivocateur
5. Cassandra Seng by Chibi-Tohru
6. Ian Seng by Chibi-Tohru
7. SoO - Cerro Kessek by Novasiri
8. SoO OC- ((Taya/Colored)) by BrickercupMasterX3
9. 2nd SoO OC- Jasmine by BrickercupMasterX3
10. Hizruk Bio by HeSerpenty
11. SoO OC.::Mirabe::. by HeSerpenty
12. Ryder by AliciaMuhm
13. Sid by AliciaMuhm

I thought it would be fun to have all the dates so far gathered in one place! More still to come!


Make a Date - Danrean and Cassandra by Lear-is-not-amused Make a Date - Abby and Bet by Lear-is-not-amused Just Coffee by Chibi-Tohru
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