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The mask

The Mask
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hey! currently i am writing a book and it needs to have a cover. i was hoping that i could use your photograph. the ebook is not for sale and it would be publish at wattpad. but the thing is we are still currently looking for the best cover. the cover should have a mask in it so i think that this could be it. but still we can't start unless you will give me permission to use it.

i will inform you via deviantart. but then i just hope that i could have a go signal from you.
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Hey I use this on my Sig over here:

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beautiful shot
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my sister's name is also sony. nice work sony
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Is this painted? Because if it is....O.O
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Yes, it is painted indeed :)
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Then THAT is AWESOME. o.O :D
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I love the beautiful colour of the mask and the contrast against the more sepia background. Are you the model? [The model is beautiful :D]
SonyMony's avatar
Thank you for the nice words :) No, the model is a friend of mine ;)
NeonGenesisEVARei's avatar
Your welcome! :] And it's a beautiful image regardless of model!xD
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You've been pulled out of my inbox and featured in the News ^_^ [link]
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Thank you,dear, means a lot to me! :hug:
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Love the lighting on this one and a beautiful model!
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Thank you so much!:hug:
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My pleasure hun :hug:
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I have submitted this artwork to the thumbshare forum as one of my favourite underappreciated artworks [link]. I hope this is okay and also hope that your artwork gets the attention it deserves. Although this forum can only be used by subscribed deviantART members, it is an opportunity to be featured in the News Journal 'Digital Friday Favorites' [link] (the most recent version). The next Journal to be published will be the 29th edition and can also be accessed from :iconjunkbyjen: [link]. Good luck! :)
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Yes,of course,it's more than ok! I'm really gratefull for your support and I appreciate your attention to my work! Thank you so much! :hug:
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You're very welcome :heart:
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Hi, I saw this featured on :iconambercrystalelf:'s page, [congrats, by the way!] and I just had to say that this one exquisite work of art. What a beautiful job well done. I truly love this remarkable piece. :nod:
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Great job ! Very well done ! :clap:
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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Oh sorry just wanted to say... Good luck my friend!
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