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Welcome to the Sony-TRiK Community Group!


This is YOUR group, so use it as it fits you best. But let’s lay some basic ground rules:

-This group is for sharing graphic skin designs for the Sony TRiK (RDH-SK8iP), and other content related to it. Please do not upload unrelated content or designs in a format other that the provided template.

-Do not change the canvas size or resolution of the template.

-All submissions must be enabled for download. We’re here to share!

-Material that we consider to be pornographic or offensive in anyway will be promptly removed. We don’t mean to thwart your creativity guys, but let’s keep it tasteful!

-We know some artwork defies classification, but try to the best of your ability to place your designs into the corresponding category. If you can’t tell, there’s always the useful “Miscellaneous” one, right?

-Any inquiries or complaints, please contact the administrators. We’re here to help.

-That’s about it…enjoy!



[ver 1.1 (plain)]


[ver 1.1 (w/ product projection)]


coming soon

coming soon

About Us

This is the place to be for all fans of the Sony TRiK (RDH-SK8iP)! Gather around, upload your best designs, download as many as you want and share with the community of TRiK (RDH-SK8iP) users!

Gallery Folders

Sony Original Skins
1. Street, Urban Art skins
trikbeobey by AngelWingStudio
triky by AngelWingStudio
Triki Minaj by kapriece
Circuit Skin by tragoedian
2. Music related skins

Mature Content

Obscindie by PayneKyllr
GuitarMania by JMTheoret
sonytrik concert by breath-fear
concert2 by breath-fear
3. Pattern, Illust skins
Trik+Mik by 1saint
ANGEL TRIK by herry2283
SAREE by herry2283
Cubike by Merinium
4. Photography art skins
ROYAL STROKE by herry2283
peaCe makeR by Shreshtha24
believe IN.. by Shreshtha24
TRiK 01 by Chouuu
5. Fan Art skins
Wall E Skin Trik by NikiVandermosten
TRIK IN FLAME by herry2283
trik to relax by codexii
Christ Trik by DrTran08
6. Misc skins
SonyMusic by JMTheoret
Peace and Love by JMTheoret
StarSystem by JMTheoret
sonytrik hoverboard by breath-fear
Non-Skin Gallery
sunset by NaViGa7or
Dog -  Djina by NaViGa7or
Bulgaria Danger by NaViGa7or
America by NaViGa7or

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josemerida3590 Featured By Owner May 1, 2017
i need the template please.!
thedawwg Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
How do you print these skins and where do I get them
georgiee1000 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010   Interface Designer
i got this for christmas,, the sound is amazing!! :) !.....

but the skins it comes with i dont really like and the site says you can like get more , and make more or whatever .. but do you need to print them off or what because how on earth can you print it that big ?? .. im soo confused! .. :)
tizon111 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
does anyone here actually have this dock? is it awsome as?
belldandyamz Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010
help spread the word: To all that are interested I am extending the invite to a small mini con event coming up: [link]
golgofrinchian Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010  Professional General Artist
Kind of bummed my steamtrick was first and had tons of views and favorites and they picked a newer steampunk design and it goes on to win... oh well. I wont be doing any more contests here thats for sure.
blaqdesign Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
18 hours of my life wasted [link] If i had know that would be the final 25 then whats the point. Nice one DA staff.
wiwi00 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
I would like to voice a complaint. semi finalist's here [link] cannot help but some of them seems really not worth it.

mine's here:

X-DS1125 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Exactly, on my case I own a graphic designs company, and my team and I designed 7 Different Skins and everyone seem to be satisfied with the result, so I submitted with my team and there I lost 4 stupid days for those 7 designs wich didn´t won, and I´ll speak for everyone: ---from the 2900 skin designed by all the the deviants who entered this contest, most of the submissions were way much better than somo of the 25 semifinalist.

Now this is a skin that didn´t deserved to win: [link] while must of us spend more than 18 hours designing something great, this deviant makes just some squares that look to be gotten from "paint" and a simple flower, I don´t blame this deviant, is just that doesn´t seem to deserve to win.

I believe that the judges of this contest are not enough smart to distinguish between a work of 5 minutes and one of more than 18 hours.
hashemkalantar Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010  Professional General Artist
Together We Can Change The Law
( :False: )25 Semi-Finalists will be :selected by full-time deviantART Staff:.( :False: )
( :True: )25 Semi-Finalists will be :selected by star judges(5 or 7 The Master and famous artist [link] )( :True: )
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