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April 26, 2021
Sesshomaru fanart by sontrinhart
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Sesshomaru fanart


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© 2020 - 2021 sontrinhart
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Cannot avert my eyes from this soul-piercing glimpse.

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he's got a quiet power, I like it :)

How did you make this
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Just awesome !As a huge fan of anime,I love so much Inuyasha universe !

Mystically Magnificent

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This is very well made. I love the eyes

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All hail Sesshomaru-sama.

this is such a nostalgic anime look, from the lineart to the colors you used and so many tiny details it's very pretty..

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No Wonder Rin married him. He can even summon me from the frontpage

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Rin and Sesshomaru never married in the anime or the manga.

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Well... i exxagerated this a bit, but watch Yashahime. They have two daugthers; so it means they ... uh ... married in the biological sense. And Yes, I consider Yashahime cannon

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Oh, okay. Does it stream on Hulu? If Sessh and Rin ever got together I always pictured them having an informal relationship like Taiga and Izaiyoi. They hook up but they're not really a full time couple.

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I watched it on Youtube with comments. And i will not spoil anything more than I already did. The quality is a bit lower but bearable

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Alright, thanks.

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Thank you Laaventer! Your work is also very beautiful

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