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Rita and Becca

Commission for :iconbtop1110: 
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They look nice as jungle girls.

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Mmm, blonde MILFs with thick thighs...

trecegato's avatar

Me want snu snu

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Those two look like sisters
NickaNator2012's avatar

Looking Good, Ladies!😍❤️📺

Brayjarod188's avatar
I think their giants when i get in the jungle
LinKueiWolf57's avatar

They're gorgeous. 😍💗 Sweet.

Primal - Licking Lips

becca cannot be 46

CompactComrade's avatar

I could fuck (as in have sex with) these two.

CristopherOS's avatar

are they giants?

Scholar57's avatar

Lovely tall ladies. They fill out nicely, and those leopard bikinis are quite fancy.

Kozak-the-Insomniac's avatar

The thiccness is off the charts...

The-MLG-Loud's avatar
I wish they meet each other in the show. They could make a good friendship.
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wow this drawing is amazing in re-drawing the series in two very sexy moms jungle version

PLCTheCd's avatar

Two blonde MILFs, truly the commissioner has great tastes.

Alomar3882's avatar

While I do want to know where this theme came from? I will forever be thankful for it.

Zexoguy's avatar

Sexy Amazon MILFs! Yes! God, have I missed your awesome Loud House drawings.

MarseT's avatar

welcome to the jungle~

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