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Raven and Raven

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Raven holding a raven 
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Raven and I wanting to rub my dick between those big boobs that she has

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I love the entire outfit she's wearing, especially the sandals.
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Beast Boy: Fuck off she's my bitch
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NarkedHobbyist Traditional Artist
Think of this as a full grown Raven,  the raven is her spy,  all sorcerers should have a spy/pet!  Most excellent artwork!
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very hot
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ShinPersonaMasterHobbyist Artist
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Scholar57Hobbyist Writer
Raven is drop-dead beautiful and powerful.  But so, so intimidating!

Still, I can't get enough of her lovely pale skin! :blush:  Wonderful job on the colors.
Raven is so sexy.
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This is picture is so Raven! 
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TheMythicalMattyHobbyist Artist
Show this to JustAnotherRavenFan.
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Looking more then hella fine my dear grey skinned lady
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Nice work dude!
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xaviir20Student Artist
She is everyone's favorite waifu :3
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Hehe yeah besides twilight of course <3
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xaviir20Student Artist
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I mean she’s a “PONY waifu!” And rave is just ..”waifu”..I’m sure you get it.
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xaviir20Student Artist
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CollectormanHobbyist Photographer
That raven is poking Raven booby. How nice.
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She REALLY doesn't seem to be amused, if looks could kill! XD
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Anyone getting JARF vibes?
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Christopia1984Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright! Raven her familiar!
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