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Olga Pataki

some Olga upskirt 
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Such a sweet, sexy lady! Beautiful pose and panty tease. :heart:

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Olga - Cody, be good gentleman and undressed me, then take off my panties.

Cody - Of course Olga, you're such a Schoolteacher teaching me some sexual private lessons on Weekends.

ibametalhead's avatar

It actually took me a minute to remember who Olga Pataki was in Hey Arnold. She had so few appearances in the show overall that I almost forgot who she was.

deangelomywayentfans's avatar

DAMN, That takes me back to the Eight Grade in 2003-04 School Season.

Kickboxme's avatar

Everybody loves Olga no wonder Helga is sooo jeleous of her 😉

deangelomywayentfans's avatar

Cody - *erected after he saw Olga's panties.*

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Victor2K's avatar

Now we know the reasons

DialD4Death's avatar

Puberty took a fucking bat to her! holy shit!

PLCTheCd's avatar

Damn, that is nice packing that ass.

RandomDudeGamer69's avatar

Nothing like a good old panty shot. Awesome job!

SoloSer's avatar

Pantsu, Pantsu...

I hope she womaned up after the Jungle Movie.

HuntertheUndertaker's avatar

I always to Nickelodeon fan for life

xaviir20's avatar

Sexy thicc gorgeous and hot :3

MarseT's avatar

that pa-ass-ki~

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