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Baby Doll

Mary Dahl 
Baby Doll 2 by Sonson-Sensei 
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Reminds me of Pacifica Northwest.

Androidmk's avatar
This...feels wrong...isn't she physically 5?
Knight3000's avatar
Beautiful in a dress
BlackBeWhite2k7's avatar
Funnily enough...Bruce timm did seem to giv her a bit of a figure in her second episode.  Especially in that work/civilian outfit, implying she had at least SOME growth or as much cosmetic work  on her as could be done to look natural given her condition.
NiteOwl18's avatar

I don't know why, but she reminds me of La Brava from My Hero Academia. Who's with my?

TimTomLee's avatar

I wouldn't be surprised if the mangaka was inspired by the Baby Doll and Killer Croc villain duo.

Throneofsouls's avatar

+Except Gentle actually cares about La Brava.

cullyferg2010's avatar
Still looks like Pacifica Northwest in an office woman's state. 
ZER0GEO's avatar
It seems like she's truly showing her true adult side now ;3
ZuperBonClay55's avatar
Mary Dahl, will you marry me? 💍
You have my utmost respect for drawing her. I have a thing for her and other shortstacked women like her
sigel4ever's avatar

one of the best (and emotional) episodes (the origin and her reappear)

Indeed that batman is one truly legend, not like the new dc works (yes, give jokes, but lost a lot of potential in new watchers)

That-Engineer's avatar
This ain't right. No doll should have dimensions like that. It's unnatural!!
thechipmunkzone's avatar
tell that to Tiffany.
MarseT's avatar
mmm lovely shortstack
Perhaps things would have been different for her, if she had a body like this.  
Sonson-Sensei's avatar
All she needs to do is hit the gym to beef up her legs and get some breast implants. Transformation to shortstack complete. 
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