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Baby Doll 2

Mary Dahl 
Baby Doll by Sonson-Sensei 
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I LOve Baby Doll

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She was cute but even better now
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Shes on my top 3 of favorite Batman woman villains. Black and Green Striped Heart Emote Black and Green Striped Heart Emote 
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They really need to bring her into the injustice univirse...I feel like she and Ace would be perfect for that world.
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Who is she? i get jailbait vibes from her
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She's from Batman the animated series. She's has that condition that stops you from growing. But she's over 30.  
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Not to mention she's got a thing for Killer Croc.
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in one other episode of batman the animated series..yah.
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She didn't mean too!
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Wasn't too big of a fan of her New Batman Adventures redesign, same with Killer Croc, but you take is pretty good.

So...what has to be done to get more of her
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Insert Agent "J" From MIB Phrase Here...

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Her backstory was kind of sad.
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percent that happened to her after the episode (the master does not exist)

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