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Thanks for the watch :w00t:

It is my firm belief that you have from the start, scripted and choreographed the entire ORDEROFTHEBLACKDOG graphic novel issue by issue, page by page, panel; by panel;, word for word, tho with dash-sketches. Then you meticously drew the finished work.  That took time. So I wasn't going to rush you.

What happened to Sebhnut was indeed astounding, and drastic. Nightmare fuel to fill a jet ! Julia is progressing into deeper madness and that feral grin in the last panel of the last page of the latest issue- I am once again at a loss to divine what next

!(Fore I forget, I am reminded of the horrific but reticently depicted events in Arthur Machen's NOVEL OF THE WHITE POWDER. )

You blocked me in Inkbunny and on your website, when I was trying to speak & act intelligently. That's why I comment HERE.
Your latest Black Dog page had a mad dream by Julia. In the penultimate panel she looks like Raggedy Ann.
Sorry I'm late, but still Happy Birthday from Hungary!
It's a shame the BM probably won't be making a return, but still keep up the good work on your other projects. :)
Happy Birthday. :party:
Happy birthday!