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Chrysalis [S09E25]

Season 9 Episode 25 - The Ending of the End Pt. 2
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Chrysalis has gone Turbo

Me: you call yourself a queen ruling isn’t about power your changelings are good thanks to thorax you can be too you are so power hungry to have your revenge on my friends that is not the way😠

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:iconchrysalissadplz: I know... but I just felt like they wouldn’t forgive me after Starlight Glimmer showed them the light. But she’s right! Your right! I AM a monster! (starts crying)

Me: they will forgive you but your turned to stone along with cozy glow and Tirek 😕

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(she cries even more)

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Chrysalis has the best design in that episode
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That's some pimpin' armor she's got.
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"It's not over yet, you dirty pieces of mud."
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She's so amazing
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