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Help Nathan Fillion buy the rights to Firefly, so they can make new episodes.

There is probably a few fans of the series here, if you don't know firefly, look it up, those in the know, know that short sighted Reaver-like studio execs axed the project, inspite of it being one of the most zealously adored IP's of all time. As directly as a result of millions of petitioners online the  'serenity' movie got made, mainly to tie up all the loose ends left flapping in the wind. Recently Nathan Fillion said in an interview that if he won 300 million in a lottery he would buy the rights and have new episodes made himself.  Fair enough, it is the kind of whistful exclamation you'd expect, but the internets has been abuzz with many peeps saying, why not crowd fund it, so if you like me feel this cause to make the verse more awesome is worhtwhile, go and pledge here

spread the buzz, lets do it for ourselves.
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So did we get to know the actual price for the rights? I mean is it 300-millions or was that just a random number he was asked what to do with if he won?
If the 300-mills are what he needs, we'll probably need at least 3-million internet fans willing to pay 100$/each. I do actually think that's quite a stretch. But If we could get a forum up and gather people willing to give money for the cause it might work.
I'm going to look into that actually. might be a solid idea. host a forum, have some adds and premium memberships to gather money as well, everything goes to the cause except for server costs, but that's only like 60$ a year, so it's not like it will take any real money from the cause.
This is starting to get interesting :D
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I think they are intending one of those crowd funding sites, not sure which one, but if there was a clear push from the fans, the same as what got the 'Serenity' film made, Nathan FIllion will buy the rights and get the crew together and do it for themselves, I haven't looked into it again, but there was some news a while back that sounded like it was starting to take shape.
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Well hell yes ill pitch is some coinage, best darn show in the multiverse :)
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glad to have you on board, It could work, the internet got Serenity made afterall.
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Theres a huge fanbase, it would be silly to think it wouldnt couldnt be done:).
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Yeah I've heard of it but never seen it. A cool idea nonetheless, sadly I'm broke :C
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I really hope this works. Seriously.
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I must be getting old too. never heard of Firefly, and I'm just 14, so I've got no money to spend. Sorry dude
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Sorry, I must be getting old. Not heard of 'Firefly', mate.
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