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just saw this article on IO9, with pretty much exactly the same idea as my cthonian elephant, convergent meme?

IO9 article

my octophant
Help Nathan Fillion buy the rights to Firefly, so they can make new episodes.

There is probably a few fans of the series here, if you don't know firefly, look it up, those in the know, know that short sighted Reaver-like studio execs axed the project, inspite of it being one of the most zealously adored IP's of all time. As directly as a result of millions of petitioners online the  'serenity' movie got made, mainly to tie up all the loose ends left flapping in the wind. Recently Nathan Fillion said in an interview that if he won 300 million in a lottery he would buy the rights and have new episodes made himself.  Fair enough, it is the kind of whistful exclamation you'd expect, but the internets has been abuzz with many peeps saying, why not crowd fund it, so if you like me feel this cause to make the verse more awesome is worhtwhile, go and pledge here

spread the buzz, lets do it for ourselves.
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I saw a link to this futurama inspired art…

and noticed my work right near the bottom, always a peculiar feeling stumbling upon your own stuff.
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I just saw this…

which totally reminded me of this drawing I did -
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I've been gone for a month, on an epic holiday.
Artistic batteries recharged. drawing fingers itching, not sure for what yet but I'll figure that out as I go.
But since I have been back trying to catch-up on activities here on DA that I have missed I noticed a bunch of changes and sadly many of them not good. What is the with these constant tweaks? do they run these past test groups before rolling them out? since I am not particularly impressed with some of them and wish I could just use 'classic DA' sometimes? I am sure there is a reason for the blurry images that takes 5 minutes to scan the high-rez over but it is really slowing down the experience of scolling through a ton of images. what is your thoughts on this?
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He has just some of his hand silkscreened prints up for sale, they are modestly priced, yet bursting with concentrated awesome. He is one of the most freakishly talented people I had the priviledge to work with, and if you like a bit of his mad-pin-up-B-movie-slasherfilm-exploitation-luchadore-stylin get yourself a handsome handmade poster.
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There is this guy here on DA, whom I first got to know when he anonymously and out of the blue bought me a premium subscription here on DA.

I was completely flabergasted at first, since I really didn't expect anything like that, and really didn't know there was people who did things like that, it was a bit of a revelation in fact. I decided that is a really good idea to adopt that philosophy, and have decided to occasionally pay some goodwill forward to people who did not ask for it, but whom nonetheless deserved it in some way by just being hard working and generally being cool. There is a lot of good charity causes out there, but sometimes you can make a real impact when people aren't asking, expecting or clamouring for a contributiom but just deserves it.

As life has its ups and downs, this mystery benefactor recently found himself made redundant, and having been in that situation before a couple of times, I know what it is like. so if you have a generous nature and a dollar you can live without, it would be really cool if you would consider contributing towards Nicholas Schweitzer, just because he is cool, deserving and a genuinely generous person.

Chip in here…
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May this year with all its ups and downs be treasured in your memories and the next exceed it. I've seen some amazing work here this year and I hope to find just as many exciting original and inspiring work from all of you in the next. :worship:
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Whoah, You wouldn't believe my surprise this morning when I discovered a complete stranger had bought me a premium subscription, I was doing the old double take, cleaning my glasses, closing my eyes and waiting for my 'psychotic spell' to pass, but no it was real, staring me in the face :D
I couldn't even click on his name to thank his, I had to deviously (since I am a deviant) search for his artwork to locate my mystery benefactor and patron of the arts. I just want to say a heartfelt thank you, it is a great idea, and I will pay it forward too. It has removed some of my natural cynicism, which is no small accomplishment.


ON a side note, I think this is a smashing idea ,paying it forward, I now have to figure out who I can sponsor in turn, any recommendations are welcome, even from people who want to put themselves up for it but can't afford it or whatever, all will be considered and hopefully some sort of balance between merit and need will help me make a decision.
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Yippee, thanks to the recommendation by… I was granted a Daily Deviation by , my sincere appreciation to these guys.

Whoah, it was a bit of a shock when instead of my usual trickle of :+fav:s I suddenly had a massive spike of em, and then  eventually realized what was going on. I will try and say thanks to everyone, but it is going to take a little while, so I just wanted to say thank you one and all, this really made my day :D It was my birthday a few days ago, so it is like a birthday gift and xmas gift all rolled into one.
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I am going to see James Jean and Tara Mcpherson tomorrow, really looking forward to seeing these fantastic artists :D
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My first ever journal entry  about two weeks ago was about the demise of Midway, the games developer I worked at. Since then I spent virtually all my time finishing my demo-reel, going to interviews, and catching up on all five seasons of 'the wire'.

This is the start of the next chapter though, today I have made up my mind and chosen one from the several offers I had on the table. I am now going to Sony London, to work on some highly secret stuff, and it quite exciting actually. I don't know where to live in London, but I am going to sell my car now, since I don't have the guts for that kind of crazy traffic and all the costs involved with parking and paying congestion charges and whatnot. I am pretty sure I will enjoy it there and the team of people there gave me a very good impression when I went for a hurried interview on wednesday, it all went very quickly.

anyway, I am going to celebrate this weekend.
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well, it is bad news that gets me going with the journal business but thats how it goes.
The studio where I was employed (Midway Newcastle)was closed yesterday, and I am another statistic of the economic downturn. Fortunately there is a shortage of 'good' effects artists so I expect to find profitable employment fairly soon.…