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This is a very rough exploratory drawing of what a deepone could look like, the description is something like a mix between humans, fishes and frogs, they are intelligent and dangerous but not as agile on land as they are under water. They are practically immortal and can attain gigantic size if alive for long enough, but most die violently early on in their lives. See also HP Lovecraft's mythos and 'Escape from Innsmouth' if you want to find out more about these characters.
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Do you have better quality Deep One Art ?
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It actually looks kinda cute.
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Brilliant - It would make a fantastic pet, particularly as a guard-dog of sorts.
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one of the best i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
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very cool deepone\fishmen in last stady of their mutation
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wow this is great!
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Exquisite Work!!! Beautifully Detailed!!!
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fav now!!! loved it!!! Lovecraft rules!!!!
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thanks :D agreed Lovecraft Rules !
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very nice man!!!! loved it!
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Wow! you are very talented!! i'm writing a story and i'm not a good artist like your self i was wanting to ask you if it is alright with you that would you might draw a few things for my story? if you can't don't worry and if you can that would be awesome :)
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thank you very much. I am sorry but I don't think I would be able to, since I am extremely busy at the moment. What kind of story are you writing?
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it's a story set in 8488 the main character's name is Nero a half human half demon he's like a anti hero but really badass it's hard to explain you'd have to read it but it's nowhere near done but when or if it even gets done you're more then welcome to read it i just need a great artist to help me disign a few things like weapons monsters stuff like that and i saw you're art you are a great artist so i wanted to ask you if you cloud help but it's ok maybe when you got time you can help me :)
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OK, when I am not so busy I will let you know.
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i heard from a friend artists liked to be paid on here with points? i dont' know how to get nor give them if that's how the whole payment thing works
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I think you can buy them on the site, although I haven't used them either, all I have done is bought people subscription for certain length of time, most artist would only be happy to be paid using paypal, I would imagine.
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do you like to be paid for your art?
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Who doesn't :D
I am not actually able to do many commisions at the moment on account of my full time job in reality taking my full time :(
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Very cool. Much different from what I imagined them to be, but that's part of the fun.
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yeah, my imagination of them also changes all the time, I no longer see them like that either :D
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