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Zombie costume

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I made this for the international zombie day, London Zombie walk, it got a great reaction from the crowds, got interviewed a few times, scared the hell out of a few more sensitive people, generally had an awesome time
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this is an utterly awesome costume,  looks freaky and fantastic and best of all you don't have to walk as you get carried. 
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True, I am lazy, especially when I am legless :D
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Fantastic Niel. Would have loved to have gone this year :\
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We missed you, now you have to completely mad next year :D
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wow, that's pretty impressive!
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Haha, that's brilliant!
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Epic awesomeness!! :horns:
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This is exactly what I have wanted to make for years. Oh my god, I am going for it now. Thank you so much, that is amazing.
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That thing is seriously awesome! Was it hard maintaining a bit of a slouch most of the day (as I'm assuming that in order to make the zombie appear to be standing straight, you'd have to lean forward a lot)
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thats true, and yes it was, every time I would stand normally would look like I was fat or pregnant :D
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Haha, still that's an epic job. Didn't know you could do SFX for real life too :D
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