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Welcome to Rupture

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Games Mash up, Cthulhu discovers the city of Rapture, Who's the big daddy now.
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That's one Big Fucking DADDY! Bet Andrew Ryan* would be shitting his britches...

* Hope I remembered the protagonist's name correctly. Too lazy at the moment to Google it.
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This should have been the plot for Bioshock 2
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"Shit, shit shit!"
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Rapture Shark. <3
Awesome job.
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Me and my buddies have an ongoing thing about the "Rapture Shark". xD
But..awesome stuff. =]
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you should explain it to me, sounds very intriguing :D
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It wasn't anything too complicated.
In the first Bioshock, when Jack was coming down and they were first brining Rapture into view. You can clearly see a shark go by. Nothing big, it's the ocean anyway.
In the second game, after you fend off the Big Sister, and she destroys one of the walls you go out and get a better view of Rapture. Again, a shark goes by. This just became "Rapture Shark". No real story behind him, but it's just one of the first things you see when they portray Rapture.
I do love in the second that you can find little toy sharks in most of the places, so I like to think of the Rapture Shark as a mascot in some strange way. :3
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cool :D, I am imagine a rapture shark as a shark with a little priest outfit :D
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that sounds like fanart waiting to happen. x3
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awesome art pic I love the video games series
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