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Call of Cthulhu

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This was my proposal for the cover of a game I worked on (Call of Cthulhu, Dark corners of the Earth), but it wasn't used in the end. They used the work of Craig Mullins, and seeing how he is one of my art hero's I don't feel all that bad about it.

Edit: Uploaded a larger version, after several requests to that effect.

PS, if you like Lovecraft inspired art, I have a few other pieces in this DA collection since it is impossible to work for several years on a Mythos game without it affecting your taste and your oeuvre, so please have rummage around, you'll also find sketches and other in progress stuff for this particular image.
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Looks great and all, but it sorta lacks the utter horror of... Basically everyone in Lovecrafts work. He looks more "god damnit, I'm gunna kill you" rather than "I just realized I'm tiny and insignificant"
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I wonder how the new "Call of Cthulhu" will be like. I've loved the story of "The DarkCorrners of the Earth", hope the new one will reach the expectations.
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the video recently released had a similar tone, it is hard to say at this stage
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Funny how the actual game was more about Insmuth than Cthulhu.
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Why is he running? He's got a gun.
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a gun is as good against Cthulhu as using a toothpick to stop a tsunami :D
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But what bout Kung fu?
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wow! this is amazing.
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Very good, I love the perspective !
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Very awesome work my good Sir.
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Well done! I loved Dark corners of the Earth! It was one of the first things to introduce me to H. P. Lovecraft's work.
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That was actually one of our goals, to introduce people to Lovecraft, so that makes me very happy :D
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Wow! Such a nice image! Expect to have a few more comments tomorrow ;)
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I am somewhat familiar with the story, and I am interested. But I do have to ask: What exactly is Cthulhu?
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It is a monster from HP Lovecrafts book 'Call of Cthulhu', it is from a supposedly ancient race of aliens and inhabits the Earth long before the time of men, but is trapped in a 'dreamstate' , not dead, but not alive exactly either, but the psychic influence of his dreams have long been affecting sensitive people, who go mad because of it, and small cults are trying to bring about the awakening, which would be catastrophic for humanity, except for the few 'thralls' who become mutated by the influence of his presense. When the 'stars are right' he will awaken, and in the story he almost awakens, and starts lumbering towards land, he is enormous, has a face full of tentacles, wings, is made from some interdimensional sponge like substance, geometry twists and deforms in impossible(non euclidian) ways around him, basically he is a million times worse than any other monster you can imagine.
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I'm presently doing a run through of this awesome game :D Would it be okay to use this as the thumbnail images? No worries if not, thought I should ask either way :3
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I don't know how readable it would be at that scale, I would rather advise on cropping a section, but sure, and it wouldn't hurt to put a link in a journal to my corner of DA :D
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Awesome :D I will make them and credit you in all the descriptions with your link back, then I will send you the URL to where it's being used!
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Played the game again. All I can say is CoC:DCoTE is really a good game. Good graphics compared to its time. It is a shame that it did't become commercially successful and the sequel not released.
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nice to hear you played it again and still liked it :D
yeah it is a pity but thats is just how it goes, keep on trying on next games :D
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thank you very much :D
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Big guy, Cthulhu.
There's so much scope in the Mythos for more games, it's a shame Bethesda didn't realise the potential.

Loved DCotE, one of the best games I played in '05. Could have been much bigger if it wasn't a cross-platform release.
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