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Bad Ass

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OK just a silly lunchtime drawing, me being literal again.
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Ahahah!! Excellent!
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ahahaaha! That's punny! xD
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Holy shit you are such a stud for making this!
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I laughed so hard... That's one bad ass!
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lol thats awsome
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I'm glad you didn't take this into the bad ass mother f***er, I'm sure this would've been disturbing. Niccely done!
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hahahaha :D, I still might :D
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How did I miss this one, amazing dude, I was laughing so hard...excellent
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Hahah, oh Mr.Sonofamortician, I see what you did there...- I like it.
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Literal? You bet. From now on this image will pop up everytime I hear, read, say or write 'bad ass'... then go into a fit of snorts and giggles.

You have one heck of an imagination. Thumbs up to that!

One more thing: dang you're good.

I need to fave this xD
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hehe, I usually get a pretty vivid literal image of just about any insult, so thats why I am always giggling to myself when I watch something otherwise serious.

Thanks man :D
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Keep up that personality mate, the world needs some cheering up ;)

And you're very welcome!
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HEHE, that was quick boy-o wow
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