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Everyone knows who Sonny Strait is. At least we hope you do!

He is an anime voice actor and cartoonist. He was the voice of Krillin on Dragonball Z, Hughes on Full Metal Alchemist and many more. He is also a cartoonist and has worked on Elfquest, his own manga for Tokyopop called We Shadows, editorial cartoons, storyboards and hes even in a band called Chins Mojo!

We are a fan club, made up of people who appreciate the great voice and art work that Sonny Strait has done and will do.
So if you love Sonny then feel free to join. Remember to have respect for one another. No hurtful comments or foul language is allowed…unless you really mean it.

1. In order to be considered an official member of the club, you MUST e-mail General Corri to request a membership number at . Put "Join" in the Subject Line, and answer the following questions in the body of the text.

a. 1. First and Last REAL Name (For Records Only)
b. Nickname
c. State you live in.
d. Your home convention(s) (Conventions you attend all the time)
e. How often do you attend it? (Every year, every other year, etc)
f. Date of birth and your age

2. NEVER under any circumstances belittle, flame, harass, be vulgar, or verbally harm anyone in the club.

3. Stay ACTIVE. Active members make and ACTIVE groups. Non-active members will make DEAD groups. We don't want that.

4. Keep to the official deviantART Rules. That means, use your own artwork and put a mature content warning on it if it's necessary. I shouldn't have to go over those with you all.

5. Contest submissions must follow within the lines of the month's contest theme. Out of theme submissions will be removed of the contest folder.

7. And last but not least.... LOOK AT THESE PICTURES!!!! ISNT SHE ADORABLE!!!!!!

Enjoy and have fun~





Gallery Folders

Daniel by Sonion
Sassenach by Sonion
Metaphysical Inks by Sonion

Mature Content

Deconstructing Frazetta by Sonion
Sonny and Art
Frieza's Vote by solusauroraborealis
Angel Hughes Cosplay 05 by trinityrenee
Angel Hughes Cosplay 04 by trinityrenee
Angel Hughes Cosplay 03 by trinityrenee
Angel Hughes Cosplay 02 by trinityrenee
Noboru Tennouji by Desart
Misuzu Sonoda by Desart
Drocell by Desart
Photo Funnies by KittyKross
Inspired by Sonny
The Sonny Cake by Rasuel
Sonny Strait chibi by Skipflash
GA: For Sonny Strait by Butterflier00
Sonny Suprise by Kayla-Chan
Sonny and Fans
Sonny Cake- Destructo Cake! by WinxC1ub
Sonny Cake- No Cake For You by WinxC1ub
Sonny Cake- Cake Shovel by WinxC1ub
Sonny Cake- Happy Cake! by WinxC1ub
Maes Hughes
Last Nerve by theAutopsyGarland
Angel Hues by WinxC1ub
OH YEAH IT'S SONNY STRAIT by millenniumsmuggler
Hughes' Glasses for All by chiharu-octavia
One Piece
.:Usopp:. by CharlieNozaki
stamps, Icons, Animations
Maes Hughes Knife Throw by Silverwind91
Kuro: Drocell by Kaze-yo
Too much free time by trinityrenee
Crafts and Cooking


This collection does not have any deviations yet!
Welcome all Shadows to :iconsonnys-shadows: Deviant art page. I know its been a bit hectic with the moving around and remodeling and such but now its all starting to settle!

This as you know is the Deviant Art page and where you can post all your Sonny inspired and related art. All the way down from Fan art, Cosplay, Photos of or with Sonny and so on. Anything Sonny Related is allowed here! Sonny himself even posts his art work here!

Welcome one and all to Sonnys Shadows!
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