The Jin Saga 2 - Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 - Eddy

"Eddy Gordo. Black male from Brazil. Escaped convict. Grew up in a wealthy family until he was arrested for the murder of his father. While in prison, he learned a fighting style called capoeira from a man named Raul Monteiro. After breaking free, Eddy sought out Monteiro's granddaughter, Christie Monteiro, and taught her capoeira as well. When Raul was released from prison to rejoin Christie and Eddy, he was frail and fell ill. Right now, he is fighting for his life. Due to our company's technological advancements, the Mishima Zaibatsu is the only known provider for the special surgery needed to save this man's life. Eddy Gordo will be here to ask you that save him." Nina was debriefing Jin on a number of things.

"I see," Jin noted.

"He was close to his father who, shortly before the time of his death, was working to take down the drug cartel in Brazil. It is likely that his father was close to succeeding and. Eddy was framed and willingly took the fall. After mastering capoeira and breaking out of prison, he broke into the cartel's headquarters where he learned from one of the guards that Kazuya Mishima had given the order to have his father killed. He entered the third tournament searching for answers despite Kazuya's presumed death during his imprisonment. As we now all know-"

"Kazuya is alive after all."

"Myself and most of the world don't know the specifics your family's feud, but we do know it exists, meaning Eddy Gordo will assume you and Kazuya are at odds with each other."

"So not only do I have the resources to possibly save his mentor's life, but I could be a stepping stone to revenge."

Nina nodded in agreement. "That's everything on Eddy." She had already placed a thick stack of papers and multiple folders with info on the devil gene at his desk.


"The Korean tournament fighter you hospitalized recovered and was released last week. One of the participants you did not encounter but may be of interest to you was a girl named Asuka Kazama. Records indicate she is your cousin. She was found in the same area as the final match of the tournament, unconscious."

"She had no business there," Jin remarked. He had not sensed her presence. That was disconcerting. She was lucky to be alive considering the shockwave he'd caused. "Did she say if she saw anything?"

"She said some kind of rock storm happened, and the shockwave from it knocked the wind out of her. Her contact information was logged if you need it. She fully recovered as well and has returned to Osaka. Ling Xiaoyu-"

"Unless she is dead or critically injured, I don't need to know. She's no enemy and thus no concern of mine. Email me Asuka's contact information." She can't help you.

It falls well within my end game to check, wretch. "Wretch" and "kid" had become the affectionate nicknames of annoyed exchange between the two in their thoughts and in their dreams. On Jin and Nina's meeting went. Devil had interrupted only that once and otherwise listened with intent.

The following day, Eddy Gordo found himself in a spacious office with glass plane windows and a chilling presence where he saw Jin Kazama waiting for him.

"Have a seat," Jin commanded.

Eddy complied but almost felt another force guiding him toward the chair from his back.

"What is that you want?" Jin asked.

Eddy laid out the same story Nina already did regarding helping his sick mentor. "I would do anything to help him."

"Anything?" Jin inquired with interest. "And this photo of my father?" Jin asked, holding up the token.

"You and him are enemies, right?"


"It's the same for me. I didn't think you'd let me in without something. I thought that information might be of value to you"

Jin eyed the photo and started twiddling it between the fingers on his right hand. "It is. I understand you are a capable fighter?"

Eddy glanced around and looked at the floor. "Yes." Something in this room was making him feel really nervous. Why was it so cold in here?

Delicious fear. Devil whispered through Jin's mind as his human host sat emanating his dark power with authority.

You do know he can sense you.

The coldness is you. I'm just enjoying it.

Me? Jin continued on as if no exchange had passed in his mind. "I have a use for you. Join my Tekken Force, and you have access to the Mishima Zaibatsu's resources to save your mentor's life."

"What? Me?"

"You just said you were a capable fighter."

"Yeah, but-" Eddy wasn't even really sure what he would have said in protest, but he was cut off.

"Gordo, I'm starting a war. I need soldiers. The clock is ticking for that old man. We have a common enemy. It's just business. You have twenty-four hours to give me your answer. Hopefully that won't do too much damage to your mentor's condition."

"I'll do it. I don't need a day. I said I'd do anything, and I meant it. Nothing will change the fact that this is his only chance."

"I will see to it the necessary arrangements are made. Don't get reckless when it comes to Kazuya. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."


Eddy left, and Jin stood up to walk to the glass plane windows and look outside after pouring himself a glass of ice water. Someone is watching you, Devil informed him.

Jin did not reply directly, knowing Devil could not answer precisely who, and merely took a drink. He surveyed the other buildings as if he were enjoying the scenery. His enhanced sight finally saw the distant figure, but he pretended not to notice so as not to give himself away to his observer. Good to know. Let them watch me tear apart the earth beneath their feet. The last thought passed in an uncommon perfect unison that made the human half a little uneasy. However, he maintained his stature and returned to his desk.

The spectator in question was a black man dressed in mostly black with shaved dyed blonde hair and dark sunglasses over a large cross-shaped scar on his face, code-named Raven. His superiors had a heightened interest in just what Jin Kazama and his newly acquired Mishima Zaibatsu planned to do next.
The Jin Saga 2, chapter 9, Jin meets with Eddy.

Italics are Jin's thoughts. Bold italics are Devil Jin's.
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