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Chaos with Claws



I have another piece named Chaos because I like Vincent's Chaos limit break. So with that in mind, I'll name this something else, but really, she's supposed to be Chaos.

This piece draws from many, many sources, so many I feel like telling you.

If you know my face, she looks familiar because that is indeed my face. I traced a photo of me for a lot of this picture.

You know, I still haven't gotten around to watching Sailor Stars, but I've read/seen enough about Sailor Moon to know about Sailor Chaos, and she looks cool and is definitely an image I had in mind when creating this piece. I even looked at Pinterest because I badly needed help shading the wings, which were NOT in the photo I traced of me.

GENZOMAN's rendition of Chaos:…

sandara's Black Angel artwork:…

I think I had the Succubus persona in my sub-conscious-level awareness and then realized some resemblance later. She is in my current wallpaper set on my main PC.

My obsession with devil/monster characteristics, like claws and wings and horns, though mainly and really claws. I gave them extra shine so you know they're sharp. I so badly wanted a T-shirt design (that I would actually use on a tank top because that's what I like to wear these days) with claws, but then I opted NOT to make this one of my shirt designs because of its width compared to the height. Oh well, I can change my mind later if I want. Or do more claws, the more likely scenario.
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