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Banquet Suit

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...Feeling nostalgic for when you were a worthless and failed hero?


Devil teasing Jin for wearing so much white because his human counterpart usually opts for black and red. This is an upcoming scene in my Jin Saga 2 fanfiction. The chapter will be posted sometime Saturday. Edit-Posted here: The Jin Saga 2 - Chapter 17
Chapter 17 - Banquet
Asuka Kazama collapsed onto her hotel bed, arms outstretched, thinking about the looming tournament. The opening ceremony was the next evening, and the real matches started the day after that. She, and many others, would actually see Jin Kazama at the ceremony though presumably security would be tight and ready for the countless people wanting to have their go at him. No doubt his devil half welcomed the attempts. The evil beast never returned after that one night though sometimes Asuka would go up on the roof of her father's dojo, just in case.
"Cast a light to see the shadow," she muttered. "It must be Jin or Devil but which one? And how do I do that?" She sat back up and walked over to the window. Out below of the Seahorse Hotel was a beautiful fountain and circular area where alternating red and blue lights shot upward. It made for a pretty sight. Then she noticed a familiar figure with a voluminous blue ponytail standing alone by the fountain. "Alisa?"

As noted on Tumblr (…):

I traced the back picture of Jin in the CLAMP concept art for his T6 3P costume and made a few minor modifications. Devil Jin, on the other hand, is referenced from Xiaoyu’s Tekken 6 ending with obviously a lot of updates and from a photo of my hand.
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