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Sleep, sweet prince. I will take care of everything.


My favorite pairing, wooo! Devil Jin x Jin Kazama. Yum yum yum. I've found some really good fanart lately and have a couple of special moments between these two in my current fanfic. This isn't from a scene in there unless I write it in later. They're generally awake in their mind and talk to each other.

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my eyesEye bleeding :D  HAHA LOL get it? no hate BTW.
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It's not funny and that is hate. Attaching a "LOL" doesn't make it okay. Remember that there are actual people involved in male/male relationships and if any of them ever see your comment, they'll know that you think acting grossed out by their lives is a joke.
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I know, but I didn't see this coming. But I apologize id I offended you with my previous comment.
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I am saying the following not to be a pain but to hopefully help you in the future: Do not attach "if I offended" to an apology about something offensive like anti-queer bigotry. When you do that, the apology is not sincere because it's conditional instead of fully recognizing the harm.
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This is great! I can't say I've thought of the pairing before but it intrigues me.
Also, great to see art from you again :D
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Thanks! Haha, they are my obsession. I love them both. I always have, but this picture just drew me back into the series and wanting do my own pieces of them as well:
 Devil Jin by ultramarineandwhite

:heart: :heart: :heart:

I appreciate your words. It's good to hear from you Sam.
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Holy balls. I can see your inspiration. I really hope we get to see more Jin and Devil Jin in the next Tekken. I'd be disappointed and surprised if we didn't.

Likewise! :D
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That would be nice. I'm just trying to wait patiently, as I'm sure they are working on it. I'd rather wait and it be good than to already know and it just be meh, whatever course is decided for him.
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Same. Doesn't mean I won't create some wild theories in the mean time. :D
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