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By Sonion
My web comic We Shadows is now ranked #27 in the top 100 web comics. Apparently the top web comics site cleared its numbers now all the sites are voting like crazy. Please take a second to go here… and vote. It literally takes 3 seconds. But it would be a great advertising boon to announce that my comic made it into the top 10.


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Hard to believe this was only 4 days or so ago...still seeing that 7 was brilliant. When I logged in and it was 3 am it was 75 votes to number one and I was I wish everyone was awake at this moment. Maybe we can make the top 5 on April 1st with a crazy campaign of votes...that would be an awesome birthday gift as I do so love it when We Shadows (and now Car Bombs) is doing well.
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Done and done!
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It was at 17, but it went back down to 15, we need to continue voting!
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I did it and my phone glitched so I got to vote 2x today! :XD:

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yes...nice and sneaky
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Damn.. I'm so tired it literally took me 3 minutes to figure out they flat out told me who the character in the 'prove you're human' question was.
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LOL thanks for doing it though!
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10 hours till I can vote again?? Now I need to go to all the other computers in the house...
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Love ya Sacha
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Aww, I love ya too! Which is why I voted. ^_^ Can't wait to see you at AO and give your Elfquest!!! Are you going to be doing con sketches?
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It's at #15 now!! Good luck, Sonny!!
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That's awesome!! I hope it can stay up there!!
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Voted!! Good luck Captain! XD
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Thanks muchly!
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Voted. ^^ Good luck, Sonny!
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Thanks very much!
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