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I am primarily known for my work as an animation voice actor and a comic book artist.

In animation I am best known as the voice of Dragonball Z's Krillin (but I've literally voiced HUNDREDS of animated characters in my almost 15 years in the biz) and in comics for my work on the very cool series ElfQuest www.elfquest.com and my own series We Shadows

Enjoy my site!

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i know you posted this a while ago, but now i'm jealous! i always rather wanted to be a voice actress, though i'm not sure i have a good range for it...any possible tips on breaking into the business? maybe you'd be willing to give me my big break? :p

also on the subject...what was it like voice acting for krillin? did you have to get into a certain bald mentality?(googled you at this point) and omg, you voiced Ginu of all people?! that must have been hilarious! did you ever do the poses while you were voicing?

and omg you voiced in Shin-chan.....can i be your new best friend? please?