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Deep in the Heart of

By Sonion
Practicing new techniques. I don't usually paint sci-fi but considering how difficult it's been for me to breath the past few years this doesn't seem that far fetched.
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Deep in the Heart of, WOW.
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Looks like firefighting transformers...except more...wepic (wickedly epic). I love it!!!
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How awesome would these be in the next series of Dr Who :)
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Of course! That's what it's a very Whovian Post Apocalyptic vision! :D
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Let's get Peter Capaldi in there :)
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For some reason I'd expect this scene to be out of a Dr. Who episode or something. I really like the colors.
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Dallas 2035. Texas needs to calm down. There are some highways lethal to drive on thanks to refineries. Fortunately this state is big enough that most of its beauty isn't polluted. Don't mess with Texas!

Sonny, what do you think about the convergence of man and machine?
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You mean, like how you and I are communicating now? It's unavoidable at this point. Several years ago I found out that I was losing jobs at a recording studio because they were leaving me texts that I did not answer. I didn't answer because my phone plan could not text. I realized to continue working my personality had to now have a text presence. Just like now i have a presence on email, facebook, deviantart etc. The integration of man and machine has already begun
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But there exists a line between us. The line is choice. As time passes, the line dithers; one day, there may not be a line. This may not be a bad thing, so long as the total convergence does not strip any freedom we currently have as beings. If we lose anything, it must be replaced by twice that which was taken. I understand sacrifice is important for progress, it is the sole progenitor of convergence—but when sacrifice is made for the sake of only removal then we develop towards a state of imprisonment. Evolution must progress towards a state of enlightenment, wherein we transform the system into a naturally accessible format for all humans to interact with and express their concerns; an elevated platform where the internet and the city are no different. I envision a future where every facade is interactive, and if even we possess technology, such advancements must be improvements to the human physique with no ulterior motive to contain the species any more than we currently purport. We should exalt humanity! Furthermore, we should exalt the earth! It's fairly evident that a new kingdom of life is emerging in our wake. Just as we are part of Animalia with our symbiotic Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea, and Bacteria, so too will Technologia emerge as a new form of life. Perhaps Technologia will develop to work symbiotically with the other kingdoms as well, creating a platform through which we, its parents, are able to intellectually communicate with the other systems like never before! Through Technologia, we could converge all kingdoms of life into a new form, one that promotes development like no other without the—or with absolute minimal—need for consumption. We could adopt and share a nano-evolved form of photosynthesis so that all life would feed solely off light for energy rather than each other. With such an ability, the new life—convergent life—Terraria, could expand from the earth, inhabiting any ecosystem without the need to breathe, energizing from any source of light. Then, we could travel the stars unlimited, and with our collective mind, forever communicating with our mother, Terra, we could reach and communicate with other plants many star systems away.

It's interesting. I don't think humans will ever walk the stars. That is an antiquated science fiction that feels unrealistic now. Something that succeeds us may, but not us. We are too fragile, too incapable. But we -are- capable of creating the prerequisites for a better being, and hopefully we will find a way to merge into that being so that yes, in a way, we do walk the stars—just in a highly evolved format.

Hope we don't destroy ourselves first! I believe that humanity has a great potential to evolve the Earth into a greater sphere of intelligence, capable of harboring and respecting all forms of life. We, the Earth, must work to expand the potential of life throughout the universe!
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merging with machines seems the only way we could traverse the stars. Unless we learn to access wormholes otherwise, we would need to evolve into something near immortal.

Of course the main problem with merged consciousness is the very nature of man to be corrupted by power. If we become connected to the internet (just as a start) there will be those in power seeking to control us and from a very direct route.

Also I would need assurance that machine merging would no way inhibit my ability to reach out and touch the mystic quality and spiritual aspect of existence. In other words I will not be the first mystic to try it. If others report back, "Hey the mystic water is fine here" then I'll consider taking a dip.
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That last point are my sentiments exactly. There is a mysticism to our being. If that was exhumed in this merging, then it would not be worth pursuing. That mysticism is the supreme liberation in this experience, and without it, we would be forever imprisoned. I would rather face death than be forced into such darkness.
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Whoa, detailed!!
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That looks amazing! Awesome work :D
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Thanks very much
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Wow, man. That's really cool! Love to see this in a story of yours someday. :)
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It did generate story ideas
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Hurray you really did put it on here! Now I can favorite it! : D I love it!
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Wow, I'm really liking these machines!

They have a very surrealistic design. It's kind of hard to tell what does what or how you'd even get inside of it but you know it's going to cause some major damage.

The Texas bumper sticker(?) is a nice touch! Even though this is clearly fictional, that sticker connects us back to the real world.

The color palette seems very post-apocalyptic if that's what you were going for?

Great stuff!

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I would say post apocalyptic except this is the way i feel about Texas pollution today :P
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