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Anti-ProtoCreed by sonikkuruzu Anti-ProtoCreed by sonikkuruzu
Obnoxious fans? Check
Stupid mashup crossover name? Check
Clogging up Tumblr tags of characters involved? Check
The crossover makes no sense? Check
Ships that make even less sense than the crossover? Check
Constantly being shoved in your face when you're looking for stuff for one of the fandoms involved? Check

ProtoCreed exists so Alex Mercer from [PROTOTYPE] can be shipped with various Assassin's Creed characters and be bent so far out of character you'd think he's someone's edgy OC or a terrible Shadow the Hedgehog gijinka. I've seen ProtoCreed and ProtoFamous (crossing over with rival parkour superpower game inFamous) art where Alex looks more like me or a cat in a wig.

What justifies these ships? Alex wears a hoodie and lots of AC characters wear hoods. That's it. That's literally it. You know who also wears a hoodie? Me! Where's my Alex shipping fics?

The Alex Mercer tag over on Tumblr is really quiet and at its busiest, gets two posts a day (compare the Jason Todd tag which gets hundreds even on slow days) so it's really really fucking annoying to see a new post and it's bullshit shipping or "Alex is transgender/autistic/gay uwu".

Stuff like this also happens on Archive of Our Own. The vast majority of [PROTOTYPE] fanfics on AO3 are OoC shipping, kink meme transplants, almost all ProtoCreed and very very rarely an original non-crossover. Most of the decent stuff on AO3's crossposts from FanFiction.Net. As someone who likes [PROTOTYPE] but nothing it's crossed over with, it's really really annoying to have ProtoCreed shoved in my face all the time when I'm looking for purely [PROTOTYPE] content.

The fandom also produces shit like this: (Alex is scrawny and he runs very hot - see his thermal vision) and (I seriously doubt OP actually played the game).


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